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Photo Of Attorney Kyle B. Sawyer

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First-Degree Criminal Trespass, C.R.S. 18-4-502





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Denver First-Degree Criminal Trespassing Attorney

District attorneys and Colorado police usually charge our Colorado clients with first-degree criminal trespass when there are allegations that our client has gone into someone’s house or apartment without permission. Sometimes they also use this charge when a car or truck is involved, and someone has gone into the vehicle to commit a crime, such as theft. That theft might involve electronics or other valuables. Whatever the situation, it is important that you contact a full-time criminal defense lawyer in Denver, Colorado, and nearby in Arapahoe County, Douglas County, Jefferson County and Adams County, right away. Never give statements to the police, even over the phone.

C.R.S. 18-4-502, first-degree criminal trespass can be a class 1 misdemeanor or class 6 felony in our state. Felonies are punishable in Colorado by imprisonment in the Colorado Department of Corrections, so if you have been charged, you need an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer. Other important elements of this serious felony offense are that the person charged knowingly and unlawfully enters or remains in a dwelling of another that is inhabited or occupied. If such person enters any motor vehicle with intent to commit a crime therein, a class 1 misdemeanor applies. It does not matter what the underlying automobile crime is that accompanies the unlawful entry.

As Colorado criminal lawyers working in Denver, Colorado, and nearby in Arapahoe County, Douglas County, Jefferson County, Weld County, Larimer County and Adams County, we often see first-degree criminal trespass charges when someone refuses to leave the house of another. There is generally alcohol or a broken relationship involved. The law requires a person to immediately leave the premises of another if asked to leave. Premises can be apartments, condos, houses, townhouses and other dwellings. As Colorado criminal attorneys, we also see this charge when allegations are that our clients entered a car to take something, such as a sound system, smartphone, or purse / backpack. Here, the government will allege theft in addition to the underlying first degree criminal trespass. With these two charges, the government will threaten serious prison time. It is essential that you get experienced help right away.

Because a trespassing charge on your record can be devastating to your future, it is important that you take these charges seriously and contact one of our experienced Colorado criminal lawyers at once. You need to hire a Colorado criminal attorney who has experience representing others charged with trespassing in Denver, Colorado, and nearby in Arapahoe County, Douglas County, Jefferson County, Weld County, Larimer County and Adams County. At Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, we have been aggressively defending people charged with first-degree criminal trespass for over a decade, and we can put that knowledge to work in your Colorado trespassing case. Contact us right now and talk with an experienced lawyer who will defend you!

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