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Felony DUI In Colorado

Felony DUI/DWAI Attorneys In Denver And Across Colorado

The day when a fourth DUI or DWAI amounts to a felony has finally come in Colorado. Many other states have already passed laws where at some point a DUI will be a felony. Generally, the difference between states is at what point you qualify for a felony and what other crimes will count against you for the three priors before a felony is charged. The gist of our felony DUI traffic law is that you get three misdemeanor DUI charges before #4 is charged as a felony. Other major traffic offenses can take the place of #1-3 DUIs and be counted against a driver. So, study the information below.

Arapahoe County Felony DUI Conviction – What Qualifies?

Alcohol convictions in other states will count against Colorado drivers in getting to DUI/DWAI #4. So, you can’t hide from your driving past by moving from state to state. Your alcohol driving convictions will follow you. Other states may not have as severe of a punishment for crimes like DUI/DWAI, but here, they still count the same. Another important piece of information is that not just DUI and DWAI convictions count against a driver for number 1-3. Traffic crimes like vehicular assault and vehicular homicide also count toward your felony qualification. So, even if you’ve never had a prior DUI or DWAI, you can get a felony for your first driving under the influence conviction. Imagine someone who has one vehicular homicide charge and two vehicular assault charges. When they next get their first Arapahoe County DWAI, they can be sent to prison for six years.

Driving Under The Influence In Douglas County And How Punishments Differ

If you get charged with your first through third DWAI, DUI, or combination of the two, your maximum penalty is one year in the Douglas County jail. While that is tough, it is nothing near the six times more serious punishment for a fourth DUI or DWAI – six years in the Department of Corrections. Plus, with #4, you will be a convicted felon. Felons suffer serious prejudice when applying for a job, security clearance, apartment or home rental. The felony is not absolute, since prosecutors and deputy district attorneys are permitted to charge your fourth DUI as a misdemeanor. Normally, they go with the felony charge, particularly for DUI’s over #4. We have seen men and women in our state with more than ten DUI convictions.

DUI Felony In Jefferson County – Consequences Of A Department Of Corrections Prison Sentence

With the Felony classification of a 4th DUI/DWAI in Jefferson County, Colorado, the judge is permitted to sentence you to the Colorado Department of Corrections for any term up to a maximum six years. You could get one year, two, four or all six. The punishment has substantially increased under our new law. Parole must also be tacked on to any prison sentence. Colorado law also requires that if you want to drive while you are on parole, you must have an interlock device installed in your car or truck. This six year maximum sentence does not include other charges which generally accompany DUI arrests, for things like hit-and-run, Leaving the scene of an accident, or vehicular assault. Judges are allowed to fashion a felony DUI sentence to include things like county jail, community corrections, work release in the county jail and straight prison time.

Adams County Habitual Traffic Offender Strikes For A Felony DUI And More

The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles has set up a list of major traffic offense strikes which count toward a driver being classified as an Habitual Traffic Offender. You can get this classification on your drivers license by being convicted of three of the following crimes in seven years: DUI, DWAI, reckless driving, hit-and-run (leaving the scene of an accident), DUI – Drugs, vehicular assault, vehicular homicide, driving after suspension or revocation, criminally negligent homicide and providing false information to DMV. If someone becomes an habitual traffic offender (HTO) their license is revoked for five years. A revocation is worse than a suspension, because there is little or no chance for a probationary license to drive to work or to take children to school. Another important reminder: if you are ever caught driving while a Habitual Traffic Offender, there is mandatory Adams County jail time that must be served.

Have A Felony DUI Arrest? Seek The Best DUI Lawyers ASAP.

Being a convicted felon sentenced to six years in prison can wipe out all you’ve worked for. Colorado lawmakers continue to make DUI/DWAI laws more steep, even lowering the BAC level or how easy it is to be convicted of drinking and driving offenses. In this climate, you need to gather information on how to protect your life. Our defense attorneys know felony DUI law well and how to seek a lesser sentence charge from the DA and judge. Under most circumstances, and judge is required by law to consider factors we present which suggest that a nonprison sentence would be the best course. Never give a statement to police when they contact you. They are only looking for admissions to use against you in court. Call the best DUI attorneys at 303-731-0719, 24/7. Together, we can protect your future.

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