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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Hit And Run – Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

Accidents Involving Death Or Personal Injuries – Duties – Leaving The Scene Of An Accident Lawyer

Accidents Involving death or personal injuries – duties, hit and run, and leaving the scene of an accident all mean the same thing in Denver, Broomfield and across Colorado. As crazy as it sounds, this crime is subject to prison time if someone is injured or dies in a car crash, wreck or collision. What many of us once thought was a minor traffic crime has been transformed into something which really matters. Only a criminal defense attorney can fully evaluate your exposure if charged with hit and run under C.R.S. 42-4-1601, so call today for a free initial consultation.

Arapahoe And Douglas County Accidents Involving Death Or Personal Injuries – Duties, Felony And Misdemeanor Sentences

A felony means possible prison time in the Colorado Department of Corrections. A misdemeanor sentence can result in up to 18 months in the Douglas County Jail. That is why we must examine all of the factors in an Accidents Involving Death or Personal Injuries – Duties/Hit and Run/Leaving the Scene of an Accident charge, which might result in your imprisonment. Never assume it is just a minor charge. Here is some of what we should be considering:

Arapahoe County, Colorado law now provides the following classes which create crimes for simply leaving the scene of a traffic accident or collision:

  • It is a Class 1 Misdemeanor if the traffic accident involves injury to any person.
  • It is a Class 4 Felony to leave the scene if the collision involves serious bodily injury to any person.
  • It is a Class 3 Felony to leave the scene if the car wreck involves the death of any person.
  • 12 Points will be charged against your driver’s license.

A person will also face the loss of their license if they leave the scene. Remember, who is at fault in the crash is not the issue. The issue is whether the driver followed the law and stopped and gave notice, information (name and insurance) and aid (ambulance). In many cases, the driver of another vehicle is in the best position to call for an ambulance or police. Don’t risk losing your privilege to drive a car or truck in Colorado.

CDL Or Commercial Driver’s License Can Be Lost For Accidents Involving Death Or Personal Injuries – Duties

Your commercial driver’s license is your employment. Plain and simple, you must take steps to protect your income and job. You can lose your license for leaving the scene of an accident or being charged with accidents involving death or personal injuries – duties. Also, insurance companies for your employer do not want to take chances with you driving unsafe, so in many cases they will make your employer fire you before a conviction enters. Imagine how much liability an insurance company would have if a commercial driver was reckless and overturned a gasoline truck or hit a bus full of children. Commercial drivers are held to a strict standard of behavior, and we can’t imagine a case where careless or reckless driving a tractor-trailer will be tolerated by the DMV.

Can You Get Out Of Charges Of Hit And Run/Leaving The Scene Of An Accident/Accidents Involving Death Or Personal Injuries – Duties In Jefferson County?

A criminal defense lawyer can help you with these serious charges from the Golden, Lakewood or Arvada Police. It is always best to remain silent, so officers can’t identify you as the driver. Sometimes, it is a defense to leave the scene in order to call for help – especially if someone is injured from the car wreck. We have other options available for your defense, but they depend on you not talking to police. Preserve your best defense by remaining silent.

Adams County Lawyer Advice: Stay At The Scene Of The Motor-Vehicle Crash And Stay Quiet

Almost every criminal case in Adams County, including traffic charges, can go south if you open your mouth. We all think the police will honor us for talking and explaining how we are not that much to blame for what occurred. We think we can talk our way out of charges. As seen with this crime though, minor conduct, like leaving the scene of a car wreck, can result in you servicing time in prison. Most people would never imagine that. But, the police know this and will try to get you to answer questions that support charging you with this crime. When you are quiet, you frustrate this process and the police can’t charge you. Which would you prefer: a frustrated officer or getting charged with a crime?

Our accidents involving death or personal injuries – duties and leaving the scene of an accident lawyers are straight-forward and honest. We will tell you the truth about your exposure and work with you to reduce possible penalties or get a dismissal of your hit-and-run charges. Plus, our rates are among the lowest in the business. We think you deserve a quality defense at an affordable price. Exercise your constitutional right to remain silent and call us at 303-731-0719 today to see if you don’t agree. We are so confident, we will meet with you for a no-cost/free consultation meeting. Together, we can protect your future.

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