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Photo Of Kyle B. Sawyer

Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Record Sealing

Seal Your Criminal Record ◦ Denver Court Records Attorney

A Denver, Colorado, criminal record can prevent you from finding the perfect job or living in your favorite apartment. When jobs are scarce, employers are picky. A criminal court record can even damage your reputation. Fortunately, Colorado law permits many people to have their police and court criminal records sealed. What can be sealed, and the type of sealing, depends on the type of conviction (felony or misdemeanor), how old it is, and what court issued the conviction. Also helpful, is a provision of law that allows some people to state that they have never previously been charged with or convicted of the sealed crime. Some Denver law provisions make it unlawful for employers to ask questions such as “have you ever had a case sealed or expunged.”

Jefferson County Court And Police Record Sealing Benefits

If you have ever been denied housing in Jefferson County, Colorado, you know how painful your past can be. In many cases, we are able to seal your record and prevent employers and the public from finding out about your criminal record. You will not have to worry about landlords or employers doing a background check on you and finding an old criminal offense. Since Colorado makes most criminal records available electronically online, and unsealed record is sure to be found if someone is looking for it. In this competitive job and housing market, you cannot afford to leave a sealable record unsealed.

Police And Court Records In Arapahoe County Can Be Located By Nosy Neighbors

Neighbors get bored and complete background checks for free or at low cost on the internet. Don’t let them learn about your distant past – seal your criminal records. While not all are sealable, many are. It is comforting to know that your past is secret when you move into a new neighborhood.

Foreign Country Travel Affected By Adams County Criminal Records

Travelling to foreign countries, like Canada, can become difficult. Did you know that Canada often refuses entry to people who have a police record for something as simple as an Adams County DUI? If your record is sealable, you will have an easier time traveling abroad. Once your record is sealed, it will be more difficult for foreign governments to gain access to this sensitive information and refuse you entry for a vacation or to visit loved ones.

Fixing Inaccurate Arapahoe County Court And Police Criminal Records – We Can Help With Record Mistakes

Unfortunately, not all Colorado criminal records can be sealed. Only those specifically authorized by law can be sealed. If your record cannot be sealed, you should be sure it is accurately reported. We often see court and police records that mention charges which were dismissed entirely and should be deleted. The Colorado Bureau of Investigations then reports these inaccurate records to other states via the FBI. In some instances, clients are overcharged with a felony and then convicted by a misdemeanor plea. Yet the record has a mistake which makes it look like the person had a felony conviction. It does not show the dismissal. You don’t want employment and housing decisions to be made on an inaccurate criminal record mistake.

We Work With Douglas County Courts And The Colorado Bureau Of Investigation

We are able to work with the Douglas County Courts and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to be sure your record is accurately reported. After speaking with you, we can see if the court is misreporting the results of your case, or if CBI forgot to do something like entering the word “Dismissed.” Once this is accomplished, you will not be susceptible to misinterpretations about your criminal past. You will be treated fairly for all future background checks.

Colorado Record Sealing And Record Repair Lawyer

If your criminal case can be sealed, we will do that. If you need to have a misreported and inaccurate record corrected, we can do that too. Call us to discuss the state of your criminal record. After a thorough study of your situation, we will advise you whether changes can be made to improve your quality of life. Get yourself on a level playing field with other job applicants by having your criminal record updated.

Applying to have your criminal record sealed or court records corrected, can be a complicated process. Get the guidance of an experienced criminal records attorney. An experienced lawyer from our law office will be your point of contact with court staff and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. Call 303-731-0719 to schedule a free initial consultation. Together, we can protect your future.

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