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Arapahoe County Jail

Arapahoe County Jail And Detention Facility, Centennial, Colorado

The Arapahoe County Jail, also known as the Arapahoe County Detention Facility, is located at 7375 S. Potomac Street, Centennial, Colorado 80112, just east of the Centennial Airport and right behind the Arapahoe County Courthouse (the jail shares a parking lot with the courthouse). The jail can be reached at 720-874-3500. Our lawyers visit the jail frequently for Attorney Jail Visits with inmates.

The Arapahoe County Jail / Detention Facility permits bail/bonds to be posted in the form of surety bonds, property bonds and cash bonds. There is always an additional $10 bond fee and a $40 booking fee (for the privilege of being arrested). Sometimes, with the approval of the court, a personal recognizance bond is permitted. Personal recognizance bonds are not given to inmates with prior criminal histories and usually require an appearance before the court. This appearance usually necessitates an overnight stay in jail to be seen by the court. Only cash bonds are returned to those posting a bond, and only if the inmate appears at all court appearances.  Don’t use a bondsman if you have the full cash bond.

Inmate Account Funds For Purchases While In Jail

Inmate funds can be put on an inmate’s books by internet and in-person. With all but in-person monies, there is a charge for processing the deposited funds. Inmates can use the funds for making commissary purchases like food and personal care items. Money should be in the inmate’s account by 3:00 pm on Wednesday if the inmate is to purchase items that will be delivered the following Saturday. Be aware that the jail takes a percentage of the money to pay the inmate’s booking fee and costs.

Inmate Mail At The Detention Facility

Inmate mail should be addressed to: Inmate’s Complete Name and ID#, P.O. Box 4918, Centennial, Colorado 80155-4918. No polaroid photos are allowed, photos not larger than 4×6 inches can be sent, no stamps or stationary can be sent, no newspaper articles are allowed, no sexually explicit items can be sent, no drawings by crayons or markers, no banking documents, and no checks. Look at this site for more prohibitions.

Inmate Visitation At The Arapahoe County Jail

Inmate visits can be made at the jail in person. If you want to have an inmate visit, you must first register and obtain a visitor ID number. You can make arrangements by visiting the jail’s automated Inmate Visitation System. You must have your Visitor I.D. Number to schedule any visits. To obtain your I.D. Number, or for any other assistance, call the Detention Center General Number at 720-874-3500. Be sure and bring your driver’s license or other government identification to your visit. Visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. You must be on the inmate’s visitor list to see the inmate.

In-person visits only last 30 minutes, and are over a video / TV with a phone handset at each end. All visits are recorded and used to prosecute the inmate. So, don’t speak about the inmate’s case at all. You cannot bring a cell phone or any electronics into the visitation booth.

Work Release And The Weekender Program

The Arapahoe County Jail and Detention Facility provides the option for work release (also called Alternative Sentencing) sentences if approved by the court. There is an application process which should be completed in advance of your sentencing. There is a daily fee to participate in work release ($190 up front to start with). Proof of employment is mandatory. The jail decides whether to grant work release in the end, not the judge.

This jail also has a Weekender Program, where the inmate serves their time on their days off work. This program requires application. Apply for this program long before your sentencing.

To schedule a lawyer visit with your family or friend in the Arapahoe County Jail and Detention Facility today, call our criminal defense attorneys at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect their future.

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