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Probation Sentence / Probation Officers

Colorado Probation Sentence And Probation Officers In Jefferson County

Ideally, judges in Jefferson County would like to monitor each person (defendant) they sentence, themselves. They would be able to see if the defendant kept his curfew, stayed away from bad influences and stopped using drugs or alcohol. This would give the judge a first-hand look at whether the defendant kept all his probation terms and conditions.

Probation Officers In Arapahoe County – Why Have Them?

Unfortunately, judges are too busy conducting trials, hearings and sentencing people, to monitor people. So, they created probation departments in Denver, Arapahoe and Douglas County, to monitor people for them. When a person receives a supervised sentence, they have an officer oversee their case to ensure they get treatment, stay employed and meet financial obligations. If it is an unsupervised case, no officer is involved. If a person (defendant) does everything they are supposed to do, the judge never hears about the success and the supervision case is terminated.

Probation Revocation Lawyer In Adams County Explains A Petition To Revoke Probation

If the defendant fails to meet their terms and conditions, the Adams County probation officer (PO) will file a petition to revoke probation. This is also known as a complaint to revoke probation. In this petition, the officer will detail what the terms and conditions were that the court ordered and then detail allegations of how the defendant failed to keep those rules. See our probation revocation page.

Probation Officers In Douglas County

This part of the court system would work fine if probation officers did not complicate cases with their bad childhood, failed marriage, insecurity or dislike for men. But, POs have these real-world messes in their own lives, and they spill over into their job in Jefferson, Broomfield and Adams County. We regularly hear stories of women probation officers who are overly harsh toward men, especially sex offenders, in order to gain a sense of importance or revenge for their own abuse. These women fill their need to be important and in control, by going over the top with their probationers and threatening a revocation. Male officers have their baggage too. POs even threaten sex offender treatment therapists that if they don’t go along with the POs agenda, they will not receive future referrals for sex offender therapy. In some instances, they threaten to transfer the probationer to another therapist.

Probation Violation Attorney In Denver

Many POs are good people who do their job well. More and more, however, we see messy individuals who should be in therapy themselves. They alleged probation violations when they are part of the problem. Many times, they don’t take into account the real world, where people lose jobs and can’t afford to pay for supervision fees or court costs. They file a Denver probation violation complaint when all a defendant needs is a little more time. To compound matters, good officers are being overworked and don’t have time to give the depth of care some probationers need. It is a system headed downhill fast, as society abandons its moral values and deteriorates into further crime in Custer County, Prowers County and throughout Colorado. Without a moral standard, crime rises, marriages fail, kids feel unloved, therapy offices fill, illegal drug use increases and doctors prescribe more medicines to make people feel better.

If you have a pending criminal case, we can help you successfully make it on probation. We have seen strategies that increase the likelihood of success under supervision. So, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent and call our criminal defense lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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