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Probation Violations

Probation Revocation Denver Lawyer – Revocation Of Probation In Colorado

Instead of initially serving a sentence in prison or jail for crimes like DUI or domestic violence, many judges place people under the supervision of a probation officer. At times, that officer is unreasonable and oppressive. At other times, you have a good probation officer, but circumstances beyond your control – like the loss of a job – result in a complaint for the revocation of your probation. Whether you are in Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Douglas or Adams county, because you are now facing an even more likely jail or prison sentence, you need someone with the skill to save you from county jail or prison.

Probation Violation Attorney And Petition To Revoke Probation Jefferson County Lawyer

We realize that a failure to pay costs and fines is not always your fault. You may have lost your job or had extraordinary medical expenses. Contact with a protected person may be alleged, but sometimes incidental contact cannot be avoided or predicted. You should not be held responsible when the contact is not your fault. Jefferson County, Colorado, restitution payments in Golden, Gilpin and Arvada can amount to thousands of dollars. It is simply not practical that you are being asked to pay too high a percentage of your wage toward restitution. Sometimes, a person’s living expenses or income changes, and the probation officer is not willing to consider this real-world event. The commission of a new offense will usually result in a revocation complaint being filed. You have not violated your probation, however, if and until you have been convicted of that new offense. Probation officers are notorious for not being available when you call to tell them of a sickness or a transportation issue. Then, when you fail to appear for a probation meeting, you are treated as if you simply did not show up. Denver sex offender probation is very difficult, and many of the asserted violations by you are not your fault but a failure to communicate between your treater and your probation officer.

Arapahoe County Probation Violation Attorney: Jail Is Not The Only Option

Once we have dissected your probation revocation complaint or petition, we will mount an aggressive defense, knocking out many of the counts against you. Don’t let an Arapahoe County probation officer send you back to the start of your sentence. We can often have probation reinstated, provided you accomplish some special steps at our direction prior to the revocation hearing. We will consult with you and our team of treatment experts to build a track record of success prior to your probation revocation hearing. These efforts will show the district attorney and the judge that you are worthy of another chance at probation and that you are not a danger to the community. With a well-thought-out and implemented plan, you have more options than jail or prison if the judge revokes your probation.

“Not all probation revocation complaints are granted. Not all that are granted result in jail or prison.”

Probation Revocation Hearing In Adams County?

Clients of Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, in the Denver metro region, appreciate and express thanks for our attorneys’ personal approach in defense of people charged with probation violations.

We understand the urgency of your situation and are prepared to fight hard to help you restore your good name and reclaim your freedom after you have allegedly reoffended or violated the terms of your probation, including reporting requirements.

Douglas County Probation Lawyer: Put Truth And Justice on Your Side

Your Douglas County, Colorado, probation violation and revocation charges may be unfounded, unfair or based on a probation officer’s subjective point of view. Your own Douglas County lawyer – your advocate – is the most qualified to speak up on your behalf and to work to protect your rights. Your probation officer’s job is that of a watchdog or gatekeeper for the government. He or she is accountable to the courts. By contrast, your criminal defense attorney is accountable to you and your needs.

Call or email Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, to schedule a free consultation with a Denver area criminal defense attorney after you have been charged with violating probation or if you are facing a probation revocation complaint. Jail is not a foregone conclusion.

If you have been charged with a probation violation following a DUI or domestic violence charge, you may want to speak with an attorney concerned for you and the protection of your constitutional rights. Contact Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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