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Photo Of Kyle B. Sawyer

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Adams County Jail

Adams County Jail And Detention Facility, Brighton, Colorado

The Adams County Jail, also known as the Adams County Detention Facility, is located at 150 North 19th Avenue, in Brighton, Colorado 80601, about a mile northwest from the main county courthouse. The jail can be reached at 303-654-1850. Our office provides 24 hour immediate Attorney Jail Visits to the Adams County Jail, to speak with your friends and family.

The jail will permit bail/bonds to be posted as surety bonds, property bonds and cash bonds. There is always an additional $10 bond fee and a $40 booking fee (for the privilege of being arrested). Sometimes, with the approval of the court, a personal recognizance bond is permitted. Remember, surety bonds involving renting the money for a premium fee. If you post a cash bond, you will receive all this money back at the end of the case provided the inmate appears and obeys conditions of bond.

Inmate funds can be put on an inmate’s books by phone, internet and in-person. With all but in-person monies, there is a charge for processing the deposited funds.

Inmate mail cannot come from or go to another jail/prison facility, no more than 10 photos nor larger than 5×7 can be sent, up to 10 pages of internet material like jokes, articles and puzzles can be sent, Bibles can be sent, and local newspaper subscriptions can be sent.

Inmate visits can be in person or by internet (new program, through, with a cost of $12.00 per visit). If you come in person, you must first register. Only two people are allowed per visits at the Adams County Jail. In-person visits only last 20 minutes. Whether in person or over the internet, all visits are recorded and used to prosecute the inmate. So, don’t speak about the inmate’s case at all.

This jail provides the option for work release sentences if approved by the court. There is an application process that must be completed in advance of your sentence. Proof of employment is mandatory. Be sure and complete all requirements of work release well before sentencing, or you may have to sit in jail while your information is verified. There is a significant cost to be in work release.

The Adams County Jail and Detention facility considers tobacco, matches, postage stamps, writing paper, envelopes, blank greeting cards, food, candy, lip gloss, perfume, nudity, an original driver’s license, cash, checks, magazines, photocopies and many other items as contraband. Contraband cannot be admitted to the facility.

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