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Methamphetamine / Meth Possession

Methamphetamine Possession Denver Attorney

Methamphetamine (meth) is considered a Schedule II drug in Colorado, because it has a high addictive potential and a currently accepted medical use in the United States that is highly regulated. Methamphetamine represents a high potential for psychological and physical dependence, so you need an experienced Denver criminal lawyer if you are charged with meth possession. The majority of use is typically associated with rapid use and then periods without the drug. Tolerance quickly builds because of the destruction of neurotransmitters within the body. One study showed that second-time users are 85 % likely to develop an addiction to the drug. Section 18-18-204, C.R.S.

Possession of meth is so illegal, that even possession of the salt and isomers used in manufacturing the drug has been deemed illegal. Sentencing for methamphetamine possession differs with the weight of the pure drug or the substance containing methamphetamine. You need a skilled criminal defense lawyer if you are charged with any component or quantity of methamphetamine. Call us for a free initial consultation.

Common Penalties From This Crime:

  • Possession of 2 grams or less is a Class 6 felony, resulting in six months to three years in Colorado Department of Corrections.
  • Possession of more than 2 grams constitutes a Class 4 felony, resulting in one to 12 years in Colorado Department of Corrections.

Section 18-18-403.5, C.R.S. The penalties can go even higher if you are involved in the manufacturing, distribution or sale of Meth. In many cases, the law requires a mandatory prison sentence. C.R.S. 18-18-405.

Repeat offenses of possession of methamphetamine in Colorado are highly likely. Persons on probation for methamphetamine are known to have hot UAs. The addictive nature of the drug makes it hard to quit. Hallucinations that have schizophrenic-like characteristics may last for up to six months after habitually using meth. Paranoia from the drug use is common.

We have provided over 18 years of dedicated defense for clients accused of methamphetamine possession in Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson and every other Colorado county. If you or a loved one has been contacted by the police regarding methamphetamine possession, be smart, exercise the right to remain silent and contact Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, at 303-731-0719.

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