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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Assaults in Denver and Colorado

Denver Assault Defense Attorneys | Arapahoe County Assault Defense

Assault charges in Denver and Arapahoe County can range from a misdemeanor charge to a felony charge. When pushing, shoving, slapping, or hitting are involved, you’re usually facing a misdemeanor. If a person is seriously injured, such as with scaring, a broken or fractured bone, or a broken tooth, it will be charged as a felony.

When a gun, knife, weapon or any other firearm is involved, it will be charged as a felony as well. Good people like you can face mandatory prison, and need an assault defense lawyer passionate about protecting your future.

Police Officer Assault in Jefferson County = Mandatory Prison Time

If your Jefferson County assault is against a police officer, even with otherwise misdemeanor conduct, mandatory jail or prison time is on the table. This will be charged as assault in the second degree (second-degree assault). Lawmakers give cops a heightened victim status – something ordinary citizens don’t get.

Domestic Violence Assault in Douglas County, Colorado

The involvement of an intimate partner will require domestic violence treatment and sentencing in Douglas County, Colorado courts. This begins with a protection order, an order to relinquish firearms and ammunition, and no-contact protection order for the alleged victim. At sentencing, the court will require a domestic violence evaluation and treatment in Colorado’s standardized DV program.

Examples of Assault in Adams County Courts

The most common assaults in Adams County, Colorado, are charged as assault in the third degree, a Class 1 misdemeanor. They normally arise from hitting, pushing or slapping during an argument between romantic partners.

The next most common are charged as assault in the second degree, due to a more serious injury resulting from something like a bar fight in Brighton. Even if someone did not intend to cause serious bodily injury, the presence of a fracture or broken tooth greatly increases the stakes and results in a possible prison sentence. When an intent to cause serious bodily injury exists, you will normally see the most serious assault charge: assault in the first degree.

Self Defense for All Assault Charges In Denver Courts

Here is how self defense works: Imagine that your girlfriend is being grabbed by a drunk patron at your bar. You pull him off of her and he takes a swing at you. When you hit him back and chip his tooth, police arrest you for second-degree assault.

You can claim that you were defending both your girlfriend and yourself. There is a law in Colorado, which states that reasonable physical force is ok, if you are defending yourself or someone else.

The jury would make the ultimate determination of whether you can apply this defense to your circumstances. District attorneys don’t care if you have what appears to be a good self-defense argument, they will still take you to trial, hoping for a win.

Types Of Assaults In Littleton, Lakewood and Aurora, Colorado

In Colorado, there are four kinds of assaults that are most common. Click on each to read a full-page description:

· First Degree Assault – C.R.S. 18-3-202 (Felony, often with mandatory prison)

· Second Degree Assault – C.R.S. 18-3-203 (Felony, often with mandatory prison)

· Third Degree Assault – C.R.S.18-3-204 (Misdemeanor, with up to 2 years of County Jail)

· Vehicular Assault – C.R.S. 18-3-205 (Felony)

In order to convict you of assault, the district attorney must prove several important elements. These include whether you caused bodily injury to another person intentionally or knowingly.

“Bodily injury” is a vague term that is often defined as simply pain. You need to work with an experienced criminal lawyer who has worked on many assault cases and can strategize to dismiss your case before it even goes to trial.

Assault Charges in Castle Rock or Centennial? What You Should Do?

If you have been charged with assault in Castle Rock or Centennial, do not speak with the police about your case. You are not required by law to give them a statement and you can’t talk them out of charging you.

Police will pretend to be your friend – they aren’t. And, they will twist your words and misquote you. You will likely be arrested after hurting your case. Use your constitutional right to remain silent.

Assault Plus Other Related Charges in Larimer and Weld County

Assault is often charged with other crimes such as harassment, domestic violence, burglary or menacing. Don’t be discouraged by this overwhelming list of offenses.

Even though the government knows they can’t prove a particular charge beyond a reasonable doubt, they include the offense in a long list of serious crimes to scare you into accepting a plea deal. We can spot these “add-on” offenses, and pinpoint relevant defenses.

Our Colorado Assault Lawyers are Different

Here at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, our criminal defense lawyers are different:

  • We don’t use “lawyer speak.” We use plain English to tell you what to expect, how we will defend you, and whether trial or a plea bargain is best.
  • We have worked on hundreds of assault cases throughout Colorado, and we have worked many times with the deputy district attorneys in most counties.
  • We often travel personally to the crime scene and investigate it for ourselves. We don’t just read the police report and believe it.
  • We personally interview many witnesses to gain perspective.

You owe it to yourself to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will diligently and compassionately work for your defense. We practice 100% criminal law, and we will fight for your freedom.

Contact us to speak directly with an attorney (not a paralegal) about your case. Call 303-731-0719, to schedule a free initial consultation. Don’t talk to the police – talk to us.

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