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Expungement Of Juvenile Records

Expungement Vs. Sealing Of Douglas And Arapahoe County Criminal Records

Expunging juvenile criminal records in Douglas or Arapahoe County refers to closing court and police records so members of the public can’t see them. “Expungement” refers to the process of hiding juvenile criminal records from the public, while “sealing” refers to adult records. This process is essential to avoid the negative consequences of employers and landlords who conduct background checks. Read more about expungement of juvenile court, arrest and police records.

Jefferson County Lawyers And The Expungement Process Timing

When a Jefferson County criminal case is dismissed outright, your juvenile can generally have it expunged right away. Also, if the case is dismissed following a deferred adjudication, informal adjustment or diversion program, there is no waiting period. At the other end, if the juvenile was on parole, there is a waiting period of three years following release from parole.

With a violent or aggravated juvenile crime, a crime of violence, direct filing, a crime involving an adjudication for unlawful sexual behavior, or one where the juvenile has not paid their restitution, a person is not eligible to petition the court for expungement. If unsuccessful in filing to expunge their record, a person can refile every 12 months, if the offense is expungeable.

Record Sealing – Expungement In Adams County, Where To Begin?

Like the process of sealing adult criminal records, the expungement process for juvenile criminal records in Adams and Weld County begins with the filing of a petition with a court. Next, the court is guided by statutory criteria and must make specific findings in order to grant an order of expungement. It is essential that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney assist you in this complex process. Court rules, proper exhibits and calling the right witnesses are all essential.

Expungement Denver Lawyer Comments On The Benefits Of Erasing Your Criminal Record

Upon the entry of an expungement order in Denver, Grand or another Colorado County, the person, agency and court may properly indicate that no juvenile record exists. This includes police records and those of the Denver County Jail. Even juvenile detention facilities are covered. A background check will return a “no record found” once the process is successfully completed. This is good news for your future in a competitive job environment.

Our attorneys and lawyers have initiated expungement proceedings for over 25 years. Don’t ask a part-time criminal defense lawyer to help expunge your juvenile records. Contact our full-time criminal defense lawyers at 303-731-0719 today to achieve freedom from your juvenile adjudication records. If ever contacted by the police, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent and give us a call. Together, we can protect your future.

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