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Dependency And Neglect Resulting From Child Abuse, C.R.S. 19-1-303

Denver Dependency And Neglect Resulting From Child Abuse Attorney

In Colorado, the legislature mandates that many professionals report suspicions of child abuse to the police or Human Services/Social Services. Additionally, Colorado police regularly report suspicions of child abuse to Human Services and Social Services). With this reporting, Human Services/Social Services often feels compelled to take the information it has received and open a case with Colorado courts. These cases are collectively known as dependency and neglect (D&N) matters. A dependency and neglect matter usually begins with children being taken into custody by Human Services (Social Services) and placed in foster care. While this action is detrimental to the mental health of children, Human Services (Social Services) is unconcerned with this certain harm to children in order to protect the children from the possibility of harm from their caretakers. We defend parents and work for the return home of children in Denver, Colorado, and nearby Arapahoe County.

Arapahoe County Dependency And Neglect Petition Lawyer

After children are taken out of their homes, a petition is filed with the Arapahoe County District Court, and the parents are required to appear in court. This is classified as a civil matter, not a criminal case. Parents should be strongly cautioned, however, that Human Services (Social Services) will frequently report their cases for prosecution by police for child abuse charges. Any statements parents make in the dependency and neglect case can be used against them in the criminal case. Therefore, it is important to have an Aurora or Centennial, Colorado defense attorney experienced in both dependency and neglect cases, and criminal cases, at your side.  The two cases overlap and a unified defense on both fronts is essential.

Jefferson County Lawyer For Dependency And Neglect Charges – Shelter Hearing

Upon receipt of the Jefferson County Court petition, a custody/shelter hearing is held to determine where the children will remain through the duration of the case. Cases of this type can last over a year, and with real harm to children from being pulled away from their parents, it is important to have a Colorado attorney involved as early as possible in Lakewood, Arvada and Littleton. The custody/shelter hearing is held pretty quickly after the initial appearance on the petition, and it should be your Colorado lawyer’s goal to have the children returned to you and their other parent or to relatives immediately. Unfortunately, the Department of Human Services has motives for self-protection, and these motives usually delay your child’s return to a safe environment until a home study and criminal background check can be done. This can take a week or more as the government moves at a slow pace. Your child is not their #1 priority.

Dependency And Neglect In Douglas County, Colorado – Settlement Of Your Dependency And Neglect Case

At some point, the Douglas County Attorney, (who represents Human Services/Social Services), will attempt to settle the matter and give Human Services (Social Services) continuing control over you and your children. For this reason, it is important that your Castle Rock and Parker Neglect lawyer set the case for a jury trial. Even a minor admission of wrongful conduct or that your children were improperly cared for through no fault of your own, will result in Human Services (Social Services) dictating conditions to you for your child’s return for many months to come. They like to suggest that you may lose your parental rights in order to scare you into compliance with their unreasonable demands.

What Is The Dependency And Neglect Process In Adams County, Colorado, Courts?

There are complicated rules, many hearings, and discovery tools which an experienced Dependency and Neglect Adams County lawyer can use in your favor to protect your children from the government. At Sawyer Legal Group, we have worked against the Adams County Social Services/Human Services and successfully returned children to their parents. With the health of your children at stake, don’t talk to anyone from the government until your Brighton, Northglenn or Thornton, Colorado, the lawyer gives the okay.

We have represented many parents accused in dependency and neglect matters in Denver, Aurora, Castle Rock, Boulder, and Dillon. Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, has aggressively defended people accused of dependency and neglect for over a decade, and we can put that knowledge to work in your Colorado dependency and neglect case. Contact us and talk with an experienced lawyer who will defend you and your children. Together, we can protect your family’s future.

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