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Juvenile Crimes

Colorado Juvenile Criminal Lawyer

Denver Juvenile Attorney – Your Child’s Freedom And Future Are At Risk

If your child is being investigated or has been arrested in connection with a juvenile crime, you need the help of a lawyer who has represented children in all types of criminal cases and who knows the complex juvenile justice system. There are specialized procedure rules in juvenile cases compared with adult cases. In limited circumstances, teenagers can be charged as adults. Charges involving sexual assault can have devastating consequences for the rest of a child’s life. Under many circumstances, a child can be removed from his or her home and robbed of family time for many years. With these high stakes, don’t trust your child’s future to a part-time criminal defense attorney or someone who does not work regularly with juveniles.

Juvenile Counselors And Treaters – Arapahoe County Lawyer For Juvenile Welfare

Most of our juvenile cases involve the need for drug or sex offender treaters. It is critical that your child enrolls in a qualified program. Did you know that juvenile sex offenders, like adult sex offenders, are governed by the strict rules of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB)? By accessing its website, you can learn a portion of the difficult restrictions placed on sex offenders, such as where they can live, where they can work, who they can have contact with, and even what they think. Not just any counselors can do the job. Colorado dictates that only SOMB-approved providers can evaluate and treat sex offenders. We work with SOMB providers who truly care about children, in all our sex offense cases.

Drug offenses involving juveniles necessitate the involvement of treaters who care about juveniles and who are willing to work alongside parents and your attorney. We have relationships with treaters who are experienced and who want the involvement of family and lawyers.

Denver Attorneys For Juvenile-Related Crimes

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Sexual Crimes By Children Against Children – Jefferson and Douglas County

Childhood Exploration Or Child Predator?

Unfortunately, the government does not well distinguish between children who are simply exploring their sexuality with other children and those who are predators. We can help. We and our treaters know the difference and work to persuade the government that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to juvenile sex cases is not appropriate. We help the government get to know your child, your family and the true circumstances of the offense. This is not something a family can do on its own for fear of revealing harmful and admissible evidence to the government. We know what the government prosecutors want to hear and what they should not hear about the case.

Childhood Mistakes

Children make mistakes, and the Colorado juvenile justice system has some allowances for that in nonsex cases. If your child has been investigated or charged in a theft or assault case, for example, the system will make some allowances for your child’s future if a juvenile adjudication is structured properly. We have experience with hundreds of juvenile cases and structuring them so the juvenile does not end up with life-long consequences. Don’t leave your child’s future to chance; contact the attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, in the Denver area to protect the well-being of your child who has been named in a juvenile criminal case. Call or email Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, to schedule a free consultation with a Denver area juvenile crimes defense attorney. Know that we also travel throughout Colorado in defense of your child.

“We can often avoid the harsh laws that require juvenile sex offender registration.”

Don’t risk your child being labeled a sex offender for life. Protect your child’s future. In many instances, we can avoid the harsh laws that require sex offender registration and are able to structure your child’s case so the record can be sealed in the future or so he or she won’t have to register as a sex offender forever. Our goal at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, is to enable our teenage clients to get their records sealed after being charged and convicted of any crime committed while under the age of majority.

We work closely with parents and young people as juvenile crimes defense lawyers. For example, we urge teenagers, mothers and fathers not to talk to police without first talking to an attorney when criminal allegations are present.

Learn how to protect yourself, your family and your future when you have been named as a defendant in a juvenile crime case involving sexual assault, theft, drugs, burglary, property damage, underage drinking, curfew violations, shoplifting or any other illegal activity.

Sealing Of Juvenile Records – Adams And Arapahoe County: Get Your Records Sealed Before Adulthood

In the face of an arrest or a criminal investigation, seek the most capable and dedicated juvenile defense attorney available. Speak with an attorney who is prepared to protect your child’s rights. Contact Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, to schedule a free initial consultation with a criminal lawyer.

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