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Sexual Assault Charges In Colorado

Colorado Sexual Assault Criminal Lawyer

When we are hired to work on your sexual assault case, we immediately move to protect your interests and preserve evidence in your favor. Most sexual assault charges have indeterminate sentencing (mandatory lifetime prison or mandatory lifetime probation). With the stakes so high, you need an attorney who is experienced, successful with trials in this area, and knowledgeable. We have such attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group.

Whether you are in Adams County, Arapahoe County, Boulder County, or another Colorado county, Colorado has strict parameters for accused and convicted sex offenders. For example, once you are charged, you cannot have contact with minors under 18. This means that you might have to move out of your house. You might have to leave your job — even before you are convicted of anything. Nowhere else is there a presumption of guilt and imposition of punitive sanctions prior to conviction, than in sex offenses. You might even be forced to incur the expense of GPS monitoring in order to get out on bail. We will work to limit these pre-conviction consequences early on.

Sexual assault felony charges in Colorado

Sexual assault misdemeanor charges in Colorado

In Relation To Domestic Relations Cases

Sexual assault charges in Denver, El Paso and Jefferson County are often used to gain an advantage in divorce proceedings. When the accusation is made, most judges will require our client (usually the man), to move out of the common home, taking no physical possessions. While our client is in jail after the initial arrest, the woman frequently cleans out the bank accounts. This strategy gives the woman a strong advantage in the domestic case. The man is not able to get to his financial resources in order to hire an attorney and is preoccupied with defending his freedom – secondary to important issues like asset division and child custody. On top of this, the government will aide your accuser with the help of a paid Victim’s Advocate who will teach your accuser how to win at trial.

A relationship of trust between lawyer and client is essential – after all, you are placing your life in the hands of your lawyer. Don’t gamble with a part-time criminal defense lawyer.

Limited Plea Bargaining Due To Harsh Sentencing Rules

Plea bargaining is not an option in most sexual assault cases, because of the strict mandatory sentencing laws the Colorado Legislature has passed. Sentencing requirements ALWAYS include no contact with children and other draconian measures dictated by the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board. By accessing its website, you can learn of requirements for sex offenders that restrict where you live, who you live with, what you think, restrictions for any sexual activity, where you work, and where you go during a given day. See our Sex Offender Treatment Overview page. You are required to spend thousands of dollars on treatment, polygraphs, and probation officer supervision. There is a presumption that you are simply a time bomb waiting to reoffend. Under narrow circumstances, we can help you avoid lifetime consequences to a sex offender plea. This is a challenging task and can best be accomplished when you have not given any statement to the police. Protect yourself and remain silent. Many times, a woman accuses the man of moving her from one room to another in the course of the alleged sexual assault, and the man is then charged with kidnapping.

Motives Of Women And Girls Making The Claim

You may have been charged with sexual assault after your girlfriend, a family friend or a young person made false accusations against you in Larimer, Pueblo or Weld County. We frequently see accusations made to gain an advantage in child custody, to gain possessions, to exact revenge against you or a family member, or to obtain power and control. You need an experienced, aggressive defense lawyer immediately if you have been charged with sexual assault. We have investigators who will begin exploring the motive for these false accusations before the police can talk with potential witnesses. We are ready to talk with you 24/7.

Aggressive Protection Of Statutory And Constitutional Rights

At Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, we have abundant experience zealously representing people accused of sexual assault. Once you hire us, we are prepared to act immediately to get our investigators into action. We strive to be more prepared than the district attorney, whether your case is resolved by dismissal, plea bargain or trial.

Examining the credibility of the complaining witness ― your ex-girlfriend, your friend’s roommate or your coworker ― may well provide the key to a favorable defense in your sexual assault case. Call or email Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, to schedule a free consultation with a Denver-area criminal defense attorney immediately after you have been arrested or charged with sexual assault anywhere in Colorado.

Accused? Arrested? Charged? Talk to an Aggressive Defense Attorney.

A sexual assault investigation can lead to devastating charges and a sudden loss of your freedom. An arrest is frightening for good reason. Sometimes, clients specifically want to work with a Christian attorney who will be honest and fight for fairness. Contact Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, at 303-731-0719, to schedule a free initial consultation. We fight illegal searches, exaggerated charges and lying witnesses.

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