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False Imprisonment In Colorado – C.R.S. 18-3-303

Denver Lawyer For False Imprisonment Charge

Colorado’s false imprisonment crime can arise from a variety of circumstances that involve holding someone against their will. It is different from Kidnapping, where someone moves another person against their will and then holds them. Typical charges arise from one person blocking an exit during a domestic violence argument.  Felony false imprisonment can come from locking someone in a room for days. Our Denver Lawyers regularly fight for a clean record after someone is accused of this minor, and sometimes major, crime.

Felony And Misdemeanor False Imprisonment In Jefferson County, Colorado

Intent to “imprison” someone is not necessary to be charged with False Imprisonment in Jefferson County.  imply blocking an exit can result in class two misdemeanor false imprisonment. To commit the class five felony false imprisonment, the Jefferson County Sheriff will need to establish that you threatened or used force and that you kept someone in place for over 12 hours. The primary differences between felony and misdemeanor charges involve the use or threat of force and the length of the confinement.

Adams County False Imprisonment With Domestic Violence

Adams County False Imprisonment charges, along with Domestic Violence allegations, will result in your immediate arrest. When an intimate relationship is present in any type of crime, Brighton Police have no choice but to arrest someone. The idea is to force time apart so the situation can deescalate. The addition of Domestic Violence allegations will require the court to impose a more strict no-contact order, getting rid of all firearms and ammunition, and Domestic Violence classes.

False Imprisonment Vs. False Arrest For Arapahoe County Police Officers

Since police have the legal authority to arrest and detain people against their will, False Imprisonment rarely applies to them in Arapahoe County and Aurora, Colorado. Instead, the civil tort of false arrest may be applicable and can subject the officer and their police department to civil damages. The circumstances of the arrest and the length of imprisonment will greatly affect the filing of a False Arrest case and the potential money involved.

Examples in Douglas County, Colorado, Of False Imprisonment

The difficulty with this crime is that Douglas County, Colorado misdemeanor False Imprisonment can be committed by simply blocking a doorway. Examples include feuding family members during an argument. We’ve seen friends prevent a drunk person from leaving a party by blocking him from the door. Trying to get their point across, lovers will stop their partner from leaving an apartment. On occasion, a store owner will be charged with False Imprisonment for wrongfully detaining a customer who was not actually trying to steal. A school teacher may tell a disrespectful child that they cannot leave the classroom. Finally, consider a parent keeping their teenage child from leaving the house against their will. In each of these examples of False Imprisonment, police in Castle Rock and Parker can charge the accused person and give them a summons to appear in the Douglas County Court.

Denver Lawyer For False Imprisonment And Harassment

False Imprisonment looks a lot like Harassment, C.R.S. 18-9-111, in Denver. Both charges can be brought without any physical violence and against well-meaning adults and children. We have defended many cases of false imprisonment in Colorado, and find that police don’t usually care about your motives. Felony False Imprisonment is rarely charged and misdemeanor False Imprisonment and Harassment are frequently charged. Our best advice is to refrain from any physical contact or confining another person.

If you are contacted by Colorado police, never answer their questions about misdemeanor or felony false imprisonment. Don’t help them convict you. Your freedom and criminal record are too important. Always be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and call our criminal defense attorneys at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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