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Sex Offender Treatment In Colorado, Questions And Answers, Part 4

This is Part 4 of the Sex Offender Treatment Questions and Answers

What Kinds Of Employment Are Available For People In Sex Offender Treatment In Jefferson County?

Most Sex Offenders find employment in low paying construction jobs, or doing manual day labor. They compete in a market where it is legal to discriminate based on a criminal record, and where employers take big risks for the known past behavior of employees. I recommend employment through friends and family members that own small businesses. Some treatment programs will permit a Sex Offender to run a small business.

What Can I Expect When Looking For A Job While I Am In Sex Offender Treatment In Arapahoe County?

Finding a job is one of the most difficult issues facing Sex Offenders. Sex Offenders are required to maintain full-time employment in Jefferson and Adams County. All employment must be approved by the SOMB Treatment Provider and Probation. Do not expect to be approved for work at a place where children are present. This criterion alone eliminates most jobs. The next hurdle is finding an employer that will hire a Sex Offender. Treatment programs require an offender to disclose the offense to employers, and Probation/Parole officers will come by your place of work to check up on you. It is very difficult, but not impossible.

Can I Go Hunting With A Gun While I Am In SOMB Treatment?

No. Plus, if convicted of a felony, you should sell all firearms before you are sentenced. You will never be permitted to possess a firearm even after you successfully complete SOMB Treatment. Federal law prohibits convicted felons from possession a firearm.  If on misdemeanor probation, at the end of your probation, you will likely be able to possess a firearm again.  A restraining order can prevent someone from possessing a firearm at the end of their probation and treatment in a misdemeanor case.

Will I Be Able To Travel Outside Of Colorado While I Am On SOMB Treatment?

While on Sex Offender Treatment, you will need permission from your SOMB Therapist before traveling out of state, and you will need an approved Safety Plan which is signed by the Therapist and your Probation or Parole officer. My recommendation is not to ask to travel sooner than one year after starting treatment, unless it is an emergency.

If I Travel Outside Colorado While On SOMB Treatment, Will I Need To Register As A Sex Offender In The State I Visit?

Some probation officers will require you to notify a local law enforcement agency where you will be staying. In addition, every state has its own laws concerning registration requirements. For instance, in Colorado a Sex Offender visiting from another state for more than 14 days, or more than 30 days in a calendar year, is considered a Temporary Resident (C.R.S. 16-22-102(8)(c)), and is required to register (C.R.S. 16-22-108(5)). Most every state has similar requirements and you will need to be aware of them before traveling. See our Sex Offender Registration page.

Is My Attorney Or Lawyer Choice For My Sex Offense Case Really That Important?

We have been practicing criminal sex offender law for over twenty years. During this time, we have handled hundreds of sex cases. We have an in-depth understanding of Colorado’s sex offender laws, judges’ attitudes, DA attitudes, Probation Officers’ attitudes and Treatment providers’ attitudes. You need an experienced full-time criminal defense lawyer who understands this difficult area to handle your case. Would you trust a general practitioner doctor if you needed heart surgery? Sex offender laws, sentencing and treatment are very complicated. Only an experienced sex offender lawyer should be entrusted with your case when you freedom is on the line. And, in every sex offense case, your freedom is on the line.

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