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Sex Offender Treatment In Colorado, Part 2

Sex Offender Treatment In Colorado, Parents, Safety Plans And Mandatory Treatment

Once I Start Sex Offender Treatment In Broomfield County, How Soon Will It Be Before I Can I Have Contact With My Children?

SOMB Treatment Providers in Weld, Broomfield, Denver, or any Colorado County will not tell you how long you will have to wait. Each Sex Offender is treated individually. It is common for a year to pass before some contact is approved.

How Can I Qualify To See My Children If I Am On Sex Offender Treatment In Douglas County?

When a Sex Offender requests contact with his children, and the Therapist and probation agree, there is an initial qualification screening. If the victim is one of the offender’s own children, it may take much longer. If the Sex Offender passes the initial screening, there is a Child Contact Assessment (CCA) (formerly called a Parental Risk Assessment or PRA), and he must pass a CCA specific polygraph. If the report and polygraph are good, Sex Offenders are often granted permission to have contact with their children. It should be understood, that SOMB Therapists in Denver, and Arapahoe County will also use this privilege as a leverage point to keep a Sex Offender in compliance. Threats of cutting of the privilege are common.

What Is A Safety Plan?

Permission is required from the SOMB Therapist, and probation/parole officer before an offender is allowed to do ordinary things in public. When permission is granted to go to a grocery store or a laundry mat, a “safety plan” is required. A safety plan in Weld, Grand or Summit County is a document that contains actions the offender must take for every dangerous situation that might arise. The offender must assume he is a risk to society and that being in public is a privilege, not a right. One example of a dangerous situation might be crossing paths with an unattended child in a store. In a situation like that, the Safety Plan may require the Sex Offender to leave his shopping cart in the aisle and exit the store immediately. These possible contingencies and required responses are considered in the Sex Offender’s Safety Plan.

Can A Jefferson County District Judge Make Me Do Sex Offender Treatment If I Am Found Guilty Of A Sex Offense?

If you are found guilty or plead guilty to a Sex crime, like Sexual Assault on a Child, Enticement of a Child, or Internet Luring anywhere in Colorado, the judge does not need to decide if she should order Sex Offender Treatment. C.R.S. 16-11.7-105 requires it. You will not be permitted to be on probation or parole unless you are in treatment. Your only alternative is prison. The ridiculous fact is that even if you are not convicted of a sex offense, you can be required to do sex offender treatment. We recently spoke with a man who completed sex offender treatment successfully over ten years ago, was later convicted of possession of drugs, and was required to stop seeing his kids and reenter sex offender treatment.

Can I Tell The Adams County Judge That I Would Rather Go To Prison?

Yes. This seems to be a trend. Many people convicted of Sex Offenses in Denver, Broomfield, or Douglas County will choose the lock-up option as opposed to probation. Many feel probationary restrictions are worse than prison. However, this decision should be carefully considered with an experienced attorney, because with indeterminate sentencing, 2 years to life sentences can go much longer than two years. Your experienced criminal defense attorney at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, can help fashion a plea which avoids the indeterminate sentence.

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