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Photo Of Kyle B. Sawyer

Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Police & Miranda Rights In Denver, Colorado Courts

Should I Talk To The Denver Police?

We all want to talk with authority figures like the Denver Police, and win them over. We are sure they want to get to the truth of the matter, right? Unfortunately, our instincts are wrong. You should never speak to police when they show up – You are being accused of a crime and officers are there to prove it. They are not the friendly, well-intentioned officers you see on TV.

Biased Police Quickly Side With Victim Accusations In Arapahoe County, Colorado

Police are biased and quickly choose their victim in Arapahoe County. Next, they go to great lengths to support that person – even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Usually, the first person to call police has an advantage – unless there is physical evidence that opposes this position. In most of our cases, physical evidence is not available, or is overlooked by officers eager to please their “victim”. Police never want to face criticism for siding with the accused, so don’t help them convict you by talking with them. At best, they are trying to prepare their case against you for trial. At worst, they will lie about what you said to them.

Jefferson County Defense Lawyer – Help With Your Statement

In Jefferson County, you should only talk with the police after the approval of your criminal defense attorney, and through your defense attorney. To protect you, we will field questions from afar and give the officers your input after it has been screened by us. We can help you answer tricky questions. Also, things you say through us can’t be used against you at trial. In most instances, your defense lawyer should decline any request to have you give a statement directly to the police. Most officers are convinced of your guilt after talking briefly with their victim. You are risking a conviction by answering their questions. Since convictions last a lifetime, always remain silent.

Douglas County Sheriff Deputies Will Lie As A Valid Investigative Technique

We had a case in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, where the Douglas County Sheriff Detective told our client he had two eyewitnesses of him and his ex-wife struggling outside in their backyard. He said they saw him holding this woman down during a sexual assault. At trial, the detective admitted that he had lied to our client, and that lying was a valid investigatory technique. For example, what undercover cop would admit they were an officer during a drug deal? Don’t ever trust a police officer or sheriff deputy to look out for you. In many cases, they misquote our clients and tell the jury he or she admitted to parts of the crime. They play for keeps and usually side with an attractive woman over her husband or boyfriend. They are not neutral.

Police Did Not Read My Miranda Advisement Of Rights In Adams County

Miranda rights are not required to be read to you in Adams County, Colorado, unless police want to use your statements at trial. Even then, Miranda rights are not required unless 1) you are in custody or under arrest, and 2) you are being interrogated/questioned by officers.

What Are My Colorado Miranda Rights In Aurora And Littleton?

Generally speaking, you have four basic Miranda rights in Aurora and Littleton, Colorado:

  1. the right to be silent when dealing with police and the government
  2. Knowledge that the statements you make to the police or government may be used against you in court
  3. The right to consult an attorney
  4. The right to a government-appointed attorney if you cannot afford an attorney.

The way that your rights work is pretty straight forward: you have the right to be silent and speak with an attorney before talking with police.

Remember, Miranda rights only come into play once you are in custody and being interrogated (asked questions) by the police. Simply because you have been arrested does not necessarily mean that Miranda rights must be read to you. Miranda warnings must be read at the time when the police in Denver, Centennial or anywhere else in Colorado are trying to ask you questions and when you are in custody. “In custody” basically means that you are not free to leave the presence of the police.

Why We Have A Miranda Advisement Of Your Rights

Your Miranda rights serve as protection against overreaching police tactics and information gathering. We have all seen the movies depicting scenes from the 1920s. The police lock a suspect up in a building that could easily be in an abandoned warehouse in Commerce City, as much as a police station in Denver. Then the police pressure the suspect into confessing to a crime. After hours of pressure, anyone would cave in. Your Miranda rights were created from real cases like this. These rights serve as a protection from this old and illegal method of police work.

Miranda Rights Are Still Needed In Douglas County, Colorado

Today, we still see cases of the police overstepping their boundaries. For instance, recently we had a case where a man was placed in custody and questioned him. The Sheriff Deputies never gave him his Miranda advisement. This worked out well for our client, because the police placed him in custody and interrogated him without giving him his Miranda advisement. As a result, most everything he said after they asked him questions was not able to be admitted in court.

It does not matter whether you live in Aurora, Denver, Castle Rock, Greeley or Erie. All police must give you a Miranda warning if they place you in custody and want to interrogate you. If the Colorado State Patrol or any other government agency tries to ask you questions, demand to speak with an attorney first. Remember, your Miranda warnings are your constitutional right.

In Denver, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you know what you should and should not say to the government. The police officer’s job is to help the district attorney convict someone of the crime. The police are not concerned about you and your personal life. Our defense attorneys are. We are experienced at protecting the rights of our clients. So, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent and call Sawyer Legal Group, LLC immediately at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.