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Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) – Questions And Answers

The Sex Offender Management Board In Colorado

Just Who Is This Board?

The SOMB is comprised largely of representatives of Colorado government agencies who derive their income from working with sex offenders. While there is a defense attorney member and a public defender, the vast majority are government or treaters who rely on the government for referrals and their income. This board oversees all sex offense cases in Denver, Douglas, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Adams and other Colorado counties.

What Is The Philosophy Of The SOMB?

The board believes that sex offenders cannot be cured. The board believes that one treatment size fits all. It is rare in our experience to find that the board allows treatment professionals to differentiate between offenders for treatment in Lakewood, Aurora, Arvada, Denver or other cities. This philosophy results in an inefficient system of treatment where some offenders spend much longer in treatment than they need to – or much longer apart from their children than is necessary. No one in the system wants to be responsible for an offender who reoffends, so second chances and trust are rare.

Who Runs An Offender’s Treatment Program?

Your probation officer will be in charge of your treatment, even if a licensed, experienced and trained therapist knows more. As a result, you will need to keep your probation officer happy at all costs. While it is true that the officer has responsibility over an offender, we feel therapists should have the final say in treatment-related issues. Often, probation officers order therapists to terminate offenders if the offender is not making the probation officer happy. We’ve seen an unhealthy use of and abuse of power by probation officers in Arapahoe County, in particular.

Why Should Sex Offenders Care About The Sex Offender Management Board?

The board sets standards for probation officers and treatment personnel. If probation or treatment decides to terminate you, they will cite SOMB regulations. These regulations are so broad that they govern every aspect of an offender’s life (including thoughts). Courts are reluctant to oppose a probation officer or therapist’s interpretation or application of SOMB rules and regulations. Whether you are in treatment in Sterling, Durango, Grand Junction or Greeley, these regulations are paramount.

If Charged With A Sex Offense, You Need An Attorney Experienced With The SOMB

The attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, have worked hundreds of cases involving the Sex Offender Management Board in Jefferson, Denver and other Colorado counties. It is critical from the beginning of a criminal case that anyone being investigated for or charged with a sex offense has someone knowledgeable of the sex offender treatment process heading his or her defense team. We know how to decrease your likelihood of ending up in the system and how to be successful if you must end up there. If you have any possibility of being charged with a Colorado sex offense, be smart, remain silent and call the criminal defense lawyers who know the SOMB at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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