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April 2018 Archives

Minor in Possession of Alcohol Charges at Prom 2018 in Denver, Colorado

Motivation of Colorado Police Officers- Police Mindset in Denver, Part 2


Adams County, Colorado Police Officer Motivation / Mindset

Like any profession, police have their bad apples. Many Adams County Police Officers will stretch the truth to justify their arrest and look good to supervisors. That is the Police Officer Motivation - Police Mindset. I am not saying that all police lie. But, many will modify or ignore the facts to better their position and support their charges against you.

Cruelty to Animals and Aggravated Cruelty to Animals Lawyer in Denver


Denver Attorney for Cruelty to Animals and Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, C.R.S. 18-9-202

In Denver, Cruelty to Animals occurs whenever an animal is injured. Colorado law does not allow much room in its definition of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals either. In this blog, we will look at examples of each crime and how to avoid being charged under C.R.S. 18-9-202.

Drug Felony Charges Lawyer in Colorado - DF1, DF2, DF3, DF4 and DF5


Drug Charges Defense Lawyer - Drug Felony Charges in Denver Courts

Drug charges mean drug addiction. You simply cannot separate the two and any drug court lawyer knows that criminal charges must involve a plan to get yourself free from drugs. Otherwise, they will eventually kill you. If your loved one is addicted to cocaine, meth, heroin, or oxycodone, the course of addiction is the same: experimentation, addiction, irresponsibility, loss of employment, loss of child custody and possession or sale of a controlled substance. Avoid a Drug Felony prison sentence and get your life back with a drug lawyer who sees the whole picture.

Motivation of Colorado Police Officers - Police Mindset in Denver, Part 1


Police Officers Think the Worst of You in Denver, Colorado

Police Officers will think the worst of you and will not hesitate to charge you with a crime in Denver, Colorado. When we were children, we were taught Police Officers were there to help us. Well, maybe they do help elementary school children find their way home. In the adult world, however, "Peace" Officers want to look good and get promoted by making arrests and charging people with crimes. Although they will act friendly and nonthreatening in order to get information from us, they are not your friend. Arresting someone for a serious crime like Colorado Sexual Assault on a Child or Colorado Burglary wins them brownie points with supervisors and coworkers.

Trespassing and Criminal Trespass | Criminal Defense Lawyer


Criminal Trespass Differences | Trespassing in Arapahoe County, Colorado

Colorado Criminal Trespass, also known as Trespassing, is located in one of three statutes. Where it is charged depends on the Arapahoe County police officer's belief that it fits under a particular Trespassing definition. Today's blog will explain the differences between the types of Criminal Trespass.

What is Assault in the Second Degree in Denver, Colorado?


Assault in the Second Degree in Denver, Colorado and its Definition

In Denver, Assault in the Second Degree involves the middle level of Colorado Assault, with First Degree Assault being the most serious, 2nd Degree being the next serious, and 3rd Degree being the least. Only Assault in the Third Degree is a Misdemeanor.

Domestic Violence Crazy 5 Rules | Colorado Defense Lawyer


5 Crazy Domestic Violence Rules, from a Denver Domestic Violence Lawyer

These Crazy Domestic Violence rules are hard to believe, because they defy logic. They are the result of lawmakers more concerned about pleasing activist groups, than the people who elected them. State of Colorado Senators and Representatives are terrified that someone might criticize them and cause them to lose their job, so they do crazy things, like passing Domestic Violence laws which don't make any sense. Here we go!

A Denver Area Attorney Explains Disorderly Conduct, C.R.S. 18-9-106


Disorderly Conduct in Denver County - Putting the Strip into Strip Mall

Disorderly Conduct was charged against a 22 year old Pennsylvania woman for stripping down to nothing but her stockings, in a strip mall. A photographer with her was also charged. Associated Press news article. In Denver, police will charge people with Disorderly Conduct when they don't know what else to charge. This works, because the statute is written so broadly - it applies in almost any situation found by law enforcement. There are four broad categories in the definition of Disorderly Conduct in Denver, Colorado. Under C.R.S. 18-9-106, these include: making an offensive utterance or gesture, fighting, discharging a firearm in a public place, and displaying a firearm or deadly weapon in order to cause alarm. If the Strip Mall Stripper were to do the same thing on the 16th Street Mall, Disorderly Conduct might also apply.

Firearm Possession Charges Defense Attorney in Denver, Colorado


Denver County Lawyer for Firearm Possession on School Grounds | 18-12-105.5 Charges

Unlawfully Carrying a Concealed Weapon (or Unlawful Possession of Weapons), C.R.S. 18-12-105, can be a serious charge in Denver County, and should not be taken lightly. Police will arrest you and charge you with anything from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on the situation. With the rise in resent school shootings, Possessing a Firearm on School Grounds is taken more seriously than ever before, and has people more vigilant for possible threats.

The Difference Between a Criminal Protection Order and a Civil Protection Order in Colorado?

retrainingorder.jpgDifferences Between Civil Restraining Orders and Criminal Restraining Orders in Denver Courts

Every person has the right to apply for a civil court temporary Restraining Order or a temporary Protection Order. A criminal Protection Order or Restraining Order is only given to victims and witnesses of crimes.  For a civil order, you just need to allege that you have been the victim of someone's violence or threat of violence, and suggest that unless the person is restrained, you remain at risk. Once the person you want restrained is served, there will be a hearing set pretty quickly, where the other person can request a hearing on whether you are legally entitled to the order.

Colorado Marijuana Possession Laws and Defense Lawyers for 2018


Marijuana Possession Charge | Defense Attorney in Denver, Colorado

 Have you been accused, charged or arrested for illegal Marijuana / Drug possession? Are you wondering what the current 2018 rules and regulations regarding Marijuana Laws in Colorado are? Our experienced Defense Attorneys are here to help you understand what Amendment 64 really means in Denver, Colorado.

Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offender, Denver Attorney


A Convicted Felon Can Never Possess a Weapon in Adams County

The Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offender statute, C.R.S. 18-12-108, is written to keep people who have been convicted of a permanent felony from having possession of a weapon. This includes juvenile adjudications for a felony - even if they have been expunged. A "weapon" includes a gun, rifle, pistol, or handgun. See the definition of prohibited weapons at C.R.S. 18-1-901(3)(h). We find that recent news stories like the convicted felon accused of murdering an Adams County sheriff's deputy give lawmakers the headlines they need to keep this felony crime in place.

When? Get Out of Jail in Denver


When Can I Get a Friend Out of Jail in Arapahoe County?

When you can get a friend out of jail in Arapahoe County depends on the type of crime. Some criminal cases are seen as higher risk, so they require extra care. This might include the posting of a bond, a Protection Order, or Pretrial Services. The timing of a release from jail will be affected by what the particular case needs in terms of court intervention for these purposes. How to Post a Bond at Jail.

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  • Sexual Assault and Rape charges related to divorce. Acquittal from jury trial. Weld County, Greeley, Colorado.
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  • Arson of Nursing Home. Dismissed by Court on Defendant's Motion to Dismiss. Jefferson County, Golden, Colorado.
  • Felony Drug Distribution. Acquittal from jury trial. Boulder County, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Rape and Sexual Assault charges involving divorce and child custody. Acquittal from jury trial. Douglas County, Castle Rock, Colorado.
  • Burglary and Felony Theft. Dismissed by District Attorney. Arapahoe County, Englewood, Colorado.
  • Theft of Drugs by Nurse. Dismissed by District Attorney. Jefferson County, Golden, Colorado.
  • Sexual Assault on a Child, Position of Trust. Acquittal from Jury Trial. Adams County, Brighton, Colorado.
  • Domestic Violence. Dismissed by District Attorney. Douglas County, Castle Rock, Colorado.
  • Violation of Restraining Order. Dismissed by District Attorney. Douglas County, Castle Rock.

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