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Domestic Violence Crazy 5 Rules | Colorado Defense Lawyer

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5 Crazy Domestic Violence Rules, from a Denver Domestic Violence Lawyer

These Crazy Domestic Violence rules are hard to believe, because they defy logic. They are the result of lawmakers more concerned about pleasing activist groups, than the people who elected them. State of Colorado Senators and Representatives are terrified that someone might criticize them and cause them to lose their job, so they do crazy things, like passing Domestic Violence laws which don’t make any sense. Here we go!

#1 Domestic Violence Law for Jefferson County, Colorado and Beyond

Domestic Violence does not need to involve any violence. If you are in an intimate relationship with someone, and you take their keys in an effort to harass them and to get back at them for doing something to you, you have just met the definition of Domestic Violence in Jefferson County, Colorado. Domestic Violence Harassment Law.

#2 Rule on Domestic Violence to Get Innocent People Arrested in Douglas County, Colorado: Intimate Doesn’t Mean Intimate

An “Intimate Relationship” is a prerequisite to a Domestic Violence arrest in Douglas County, Colorado. Yet a few years ago, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Intimate Relationship can occur with a “relationship between unmarried couples.” Just holding hands is enough – no sex is necessary. So, this leaves open the likelihood that a couple who just met can qualify for Domestic Violence if they’ve kissed, held hands, flirted, gone on a date, etc.

#3 Rule for Mandatory Arrests in Domestic Violence Cases in Arapahoe County, Colorado

Why does the law provide that someone must be arrested and charged in an Arapahoe County Domestic Violence case under C.R.S. 18-6-800.3? Imagine the totally nonviolent situation where a husband and wife are arguing and the husband blocks the door so he can keep talking to the wife, an avoider. He will be arrested and charged with False Imprisonment, Domestic Violence. It is mandatory that someone go to jail, even if they don’t pose a threat to another.

#4 Domestic Violence Rule in Adams County: Domestic Violence is not a Crime

Domestic Violence is not a crime in Colorado – really! It is a sentence enhancer, where if you get this label, you must take a standardized class for many months. You are also subject to strict policies against possession of a firearm ever again. Other penalties will haunt you forever. Is that a suitable punishment for someone in Adams County who took someone’s keys or was nonviolent?

#5 Fast Track to a Domestic Violence Conviction in Denver, Colorado Courts

Fast Track, is the name given to Domestic Violence court programs around Denver and Custer County, where the district attorneys and courts try and hurry your case through court so that you get convicted before you get a chance to hire a lawyer! The government knows that if they can get you to plead guilty right away (to get out of jail and back to work), their chance of a conviction is much higher than if you spoke to a Domestic Violence lawyer first. Crazy!

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