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August 2016 Archives

How do You Bail / Bond Someone Out of Jail - Bonding Someone from the Denver Colorado Jail

Bond-Bail.jpgBonding Someone From Jail in Denver or Arapahoe County - An Attorney Explains How

When someone is arrested on suspicion of a crime, the court wants an assurance that the person will return for court if released from the Arapahoe County Jail. This is accomplished through a bail / bond. It is also called posting bail or posting bond. Generally, bail / bond is posted in person. If you live far away, you can use a bondsman to post it for you, although they are not always happy to do this for out of state people due to the increased complication of suing out of state if a bond goes bad.

Immigration Deportation for Crimes of Moral Turpitude - Denver Criminal Lawyer Advice

Immigration.jpgCrime of Moral Turpitude in Denver and Deportation for a Conviction

Immigration law classifies crimes in different ways. Sure, they know about misdemeanors and felony charges, but they also classify crimes on whether they are a crime of moral turpitude. This class of crimes includes a DUI, DWAI, domestic violence, sexual convictions, theft, drugs, murder, rape, prostitution, fraud, trafficking in people, firearms violations and others which are a felony. Crimes known as an Aggravated Felony are most certain to cause you to be deported. Regrettably, the number of crimes of moral turpitude is growing in the United States.  Immigration arrests and deportation is common in Colorado.

Statute of Limitations - Denver and El Paso County Lawyer | Limitations Period in Criminal Cases

Statute-of-Limitations.jpgStatute of Limitations for Criminal Charges in Denver and Across Colorado

In Denver, El Paso County and across Colorado, there is a specific time period in which the District Attorney and police have to begin a prosecution. This time period is known as the statute of limitations. Not every crime in Colorado has a statute of limitations. For the crimes that do, however, the time period varies based on the type of crime. Below you will find a list of some of the limitations for commencing criminal proceedings and juvenile delinquency proceedings in Colorado. There are always exceptions to these general rules, so give us a call to learn whether your specific limitations of actions period has expired or not.  Read about Forgery and the Statute of Limitations.

Prohibited Use of a Weapon Lawyer in Arapahoe County and Denver - Guns and Alcohol Are a Problem

Prohibited-Weapon-Use.jpgDrinking and Prohibited Use of a Weapons Attorney in Denver

With the advent of CCW concealed carry laws, has come a rise in charges for Prohibited Use of a Weapon in Denver. Why? Because firearms and guns are with men and women 24/7. That is the idea, right? Keep a pistol on your waistband or in your purse, in case trouble arises. Naturally, the gun becomes a part of your everyday existence, and at some point you forget you have it with you. I've seen people accidently carry their gun into the airport and through security, where it is found. Another common issue is people taking their guns into bars. While that is not legally a problem, once they start drinking, they move toward a prohibited area. Quickly, they cross the line from legal to illegal.

Protection Order Dismissed and Withdrawn in Jefferson and Arapahoe County - A Lawyer Explains

Protection-Order.jpgRestraining Order Modification or Dismissal in Arapahoe County and Jefferson County

Civil Protection Orders and Restraining Orders are everywhere. Judges and magistrates fear criticism against them if they deny a request for one, so they will grant an order if even a small basis for their issuance exists. These orders can spell big problems for men and women in Jefferson and Arapahoe County, however. Imagine losing your job, housing or security clearance. Imagine a Colorado law which says that no one subject to a Protection Order can possess a firearm. Goodbye to your police or security job. Read Reasons Why You Should Modify or Remove Your Protection Order.

Indecent Exposure Attorney for Denver County, Colorado

Indecent-Exposure.jpgDenver Lawyer for Indecent Exposure Charges

If you are not very careful, nudity in the view of the public, can result in being accused of Denver Indecent Exposure, C.R.S. 18-7-302. This sex charge is a risk even when you are on private property - on inside your own house! The stakes are high with Indecent Exposure, since this crime qualifies as an SOMB sexual offense - with required sex offender treatment and registration.

Protection Order Lawyer in Denver & Restraining Order Attorney

Restraining-Protection-Orde.jpgProtection Orders in Jefferson County - Lawyers Know They are Used for Revenge

We see it every week.  Women are mad at a guy for breaking up with her.  She goes to court and lies.  She tells a Jefferson County judge that he hit her, pushed her or slapped her.  The judge is like a robot: "I hearby issue a Protection Order against him."  Proof is not important. Women know it will happen because all their friends do the same thing.  The government: judges, police and district attorneys are all afraid to say no - so they routinely issue the Protection Order and the woman gets her revenge.  To make it worse, in many cases the man does not want to bother will the temporary Protection Order, so he does not come to the hearing and the Protection Order is made permanent.  To his surprise, his life is about to change in a big way.

Denver Expungement Attorney - Sealing Criminal Records in Colorado - Closing Police and Arrest Records Forever

Record-Sealing.jpgSealing Arrest Records and Criminal Records with a Jefferson County Expungement Attorney

Erasing criminal and arrest records from public view is important to citizens in Jefferson County, Arvada and Westminster. These records make it hard to find a job after a background check, they prejudice the mind of school officials about volunteers at a Child's school, and convinces landlords not to rent an apartment or house. You must get past your past, and start a new future free from mistakes of the past.

Affirmative Defense in a Criminal Case - What is This Denver Criminal Lawyer Defense?

Affirmative-Defense.jpgSelf Defense is an Affirmative Defense in Jefferson County

In many cases, the accused can say yes, I committed the crime, but I had a legal justification for what I did. A good example to start with is the defense lawyer's affirmative defense of Self Defense or Defense of Another Person, located at C.R.S. 18-1-704. This Jefferson County affirmative defense says that although you admit doing what you did, it was to protect you or another person from harm. If successful, this defense can completely defeat any criminal liability when a person is accused of a crime. Society has decided that we can defend ourselves and the welfare of others from what we reasonably believe to be the unlawful application of force by another.  Read about the Affirmative Defense of Insanity.

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  • Arson of Nursing Home. Dismissed by Court on Defendant's Motion to Dismiss. Jefferson County, Golden, Colorado.
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  • Sexual Assault on a Child, Position of Trust. Acquittal from Jury Trial. Adams County, Brighton, Colorado.
  • Domestic Violence. Dismissed by District Attorney. Douglas County, Castle Rock, Colorado.
  • Violation of Restraining Order. Dismissed by District Attorney. Douglas County, Castle Rock.

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