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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Denver Expungement Attorney – Sealing Criminal Records in Colorado – Closing Police and Arrest Records Forever

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Sealing Arrest Records and Criminal Records with a Jefferson County Expungement Attorney

Erasing criminal and arrest records from public view is important to citizens in Jefferson County, Arvada and Westminster. These records make it hard to find a job after a background check, they prejudice the mind of school officials about volunteers at a Child’s school, and convinces landlords not to rent an apartment or house. You must get past your past, and start a new future free from mistakes of the past.

How are Arrest and Jail Records Sealed in Douglas County, Colorado?

Generally speaking, an Arrest Records Lawyer will file a petition with a District Court in Arapahoe County or Denver County. This petition lists several requirements and makes clear to the judge why it is property seal or expunge your arrest records. It also shows the judge that you have given statutory notice to required parties, who may want to come and object to the sealing. Finally, it shows the judge that the law authorizes the sealing and expungement. Remember, not every conviction can be sealed. Read the Rules on Sealing and Expungement of Court Records

Expungement of Juvenile Arrest Records in Arapahoe County – A Lawyer’s Process

Juvenile records are easier to expunge than adult records are to seal. The law allows more juvenile court and arrest records to be sealed compared to adult records. Remember, while a judge does have some discretion, if the law does not allow expungement or sealing, it simply can’t be done no matter how much a judge wants to do it. So, the first step is for a lawyer to look at the statue on sealing and expungement of criminal records, and see if the conviction meets the rules for sealing. If so, then the lawyer will apply with the juvenile court where the adjudication was entered, and ask for an expungement. Remember, many juvenile violent crimes and sexual crimes cannot be sealed – ever.

Municipal or City Court Records Sealing and Expungement in Aurora and Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Whether the City of Aurora, the City of Denver, Wheat Ridge or Westminster, most city court records can be sealed after waiting 3 years following the completion of probation or any jail sentence. The rules are further explained under C.R.S. 24-72-708. All probation, fines and community service must be done before the three year wait begins. It is also important to know that with this type of criminal or arrest record sealing, your record can be reopened if you commit a new crime. The idea under this law is to help someone who is a one-time offender.

Drug Crimes – Record Sealing – What are the Rules in Adams County?

A lot of drug possession crimes which occurred after July 1, 2011, can now be sealed. This does not include those drug crimes which involve distribution or the manufacturing of drugs. After waiting 3 years past the end of your petty or class 3 or 2 misdemeanor case, you can apply to have these records sealed. With a class 1 misdemeanor, the wait is 5 years. For class 5 and 6 felony cases, the wait is seven years following the closure of the case after all the work is done.

Mistakes in a Denver Criminal Record – Can They be Fixed?

Yes, mistakes can be fixed. We have worked hard with courts and judges to be sure the criminal record for your offense which is not sealable, is accurate. In many cases, clerks make errors and say that you were convicted of a crime which was never charged. In other cases, the record is improperly sealed and we need to open it up to seal it property. Our Denver record sealing attorneys have seen it all and will go the extra mile for you.

Convicted of a Crime and Want Your Rights Back?

In many cases, the law allows sealing arrest and criminal records. In others, it is difficult to have this done. Be sure and give our expungement lawyers a call and we will guide your through the process of determining whether your record can be sealed. Sometimes, we provide 3rd parties with a letter explaining the circumstances of your crime which make it look less harmful than those persons see it. There are many ways we can lessen the impact of your crime against you future, so call and ask to meet with us.

Colorado’s sealing and expungement laws are complicated and getting more so. Call our record sealing attorneys at 303-731-0719, today. We will help put your mind at ease and educate you on the process of putting old matters to rest. Together, we can protect your future.

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