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February 2019 Archives

Sex Offender Treatment and Probation in Douglas County

sex-offender-treatment-and-probation-omalley-and-sawyer-llc.jpgBeing on Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation (SOISP) in Douglas County, Colorado is a lot to bear. Probation officers in this unit tend to be extremely strict and intrusive, as a potential mishap can make headlines. In addition, offenders serving their probation sentence are also likely in sex offender treatment overseen by the Sex Offender Management Board. This "reprogramming" is the government's attempt at reintroducing sex offenders into society after conviction or a period of incarceration. In some cases, strict monitoring and treatment is necessary to prevent real predators from harming innocent people. But should those same rules and policies govern all offenders with a one-size-fits-all approach?

Denver Soliciting for Prostitution Lawyer

denver-soliciting-for-prostitution-lawyer-omalley-and-sawyer-llc.jpgSoliciting for Prostitution is a crime in Denver, and throughout Colorado, that requires expert representation from a skilled defense lawyer. In recent news, an NFL owner is facing soliciting for prostitution charges for allegedly engaging in sex acts with massage parlor employees. Police conducting the investigation say those who face charges were caught on videotape. This particular case is the result of a larger crackdown on human trafficking where law enforcement had been monitoring the activity inside a massage parlor. If convicted, the NFL owner faces penalties of a misdemeanor offense.

Criminal Attempt Attorney in Denver

criminal-attempt-attorney-omalley-and-sawyer-llc.jpgAttempting to commit an offense is a crime in Denver and throughout Colorado. Regardless of whether the crime was in fact committed, consequences are just one class / degree less than those associated with the offense that was attempted. If an individual tries to commit a crime and fails, prosecutors can charge Criminal Attempt to Commit a Crime. These charges can be filed relating to several different crimes including Theft, Robbery, and Assault.

Illegal Discharge of a Firearm Attorney

illegal-discharge-of-a-firearm-attorney-omalley-and-sawyer-llc.jpegIt is illegal in Colorado to knowingly or recklessly shoot a gun into an occupied dwelling or motor vehicle. This crime can be committed in different ways. Sometimes, discharging a firearm is done intentionally like in instances that involve drive-by shootings. In other scenarios, a gun either goes off accidentally during cleaning or is fired at a structure for target practice / sport. Either way, if there is a risk that someone might be inside one of these structures, felony charges can ensue. Consulting an illegal discharge of a firearm attorney is a must in situations such as these.

Conspiracy Attorney in Denver

conspiracy-attorney-omalley-and-sawyer-llc.jpgConspiracy to Commit a Crime in Denver is a charge that involves the planning or commission of a crime. If a person agrees to help another plan or commit an offense, Colorado law sees fit to punish as though the crime was in fact committed. Additionally, it is possible to be charged with both a crime and conspiring to commit a crime. Because conspiracy is only considered slightly less of an offense than the crime itself, representation from a knowledgeable conspiracy attorney is a must.

Juvenile Sexting Lawyer in Denver

juvenile-sexting-lawyer-denver-omalley-and-sawyer-llc.jpgThe exchange of explicit material back and forth between minors is an everyday occurrence in Denver and throughout Colorado. In 2018, what was a felony offense for minors who sexted became a much lesser misdemeanor charge. Before the new statute, teenagers who exchanged nude photos of themselves or other minors could be charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Child. This law was meant to punish adults who created, possessed, or distributed child pornography. Unfortunately, minors were being convicted with severe consequences.

Tampering with Physical Evidence Attorney in Colorado Springs

tampering-with-physical-evidence-attorney-omalley-and-sawyer-llc.jpgTampering with Physical Evidence is a serious crime in El Paso County, and throughout Colorado. This felony charge comes with major ramifications. Because tampering with physical evidence includes altering or destroying items that might be used in a proceeding, the law acts swiftly. Just last week, there was a high profile case in Colorado where a woman pleaded guilty to tampering with physical evidence. The woman admitted to moving and impairing a missing person's cell phone who is believed to be dead. Representation from an experienced defense lawyer is especially vital in situations like this.

Stalking Attorney in Denver, Colorado

stalking-attorney-denver-omalley-and-sawyer-llc.jpgThe crime of Stalking in Denver, and throughout Colorado, stems from situations where actions go far beyond simply following someone around. Two key elements exist in stalking charges. First, there must be a credible threat of some sort. Second, repeated behavior that causes someone (within reason) to experience fear or suffer significant emotional distress must be present. If you've been falsely accused of Stalking in Denver or are facing a charge, contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney is a must.

Protection Order Attorney in Aurora, Colorado

protection-order-attorney-aurora-colorado-omalley-and-sawyer-llc.jpgProtection Orders in Aurora, Colorado are typically issued when allegations and an arrest occur stemming from some sort of alleged activity. Because the "victim" in many criminal cases is believed right from the start, police sometimes don't do much questioning as to whether the accusations are true. This can lead to the arrest of many men and women, false accusations, and overcharges. Alongside these allegations and arrest, come protection / restraining orders. Consulting with an experienced protection order attorney is an important step as you navigate your unique situation.

Third-Degree Assault Attorney in Colorado

third-degree-assault-attorney-in-colorado.jpgAssault in the Third Degree is a charge in Colorado that can stem from many different situations. Recently, a former assistant football coach at CU pleaded guilty to 3rd degree assault in regards to altercations with his ex-girlfriend. Allegations included statements that he repeatedly choked his former girlfriend on numerous occasions. Charges like this can damage a person's reputation, alter or end their employment, and hurt families. If you're caught up in a situation like this it is important to contact a skilled third-degree assault attorney in Colorado.

Prescription Drug Crimes | Fraud and Deceit Attorney

prescription-drug-fraud-and-deceit-attorney-omalley-and-sawyer-llc.jpgIt is unlawful in Colorado to utilize fraud and deceit as a means of obtaining prescription drugs. As the use and abuse of opioids rises, many people are negatively impacted. Because of the dangers involved with prescription drug addiction, law enforcement continues to crack down on the means in which people obtain these substances. In 2017 alone, there were 588 overdose deaths in Colorado via prescription drugs and illegal opioids like heroin. This is an alarming figure and the numbers for 2018 are still being assessed. As a result, prescription drug crimes are receiving extra attention.

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Case Results:

  • Sexual Assault and Rape charges related to divorce. Acquittal from jury trial. Weld County, Greeley, Colorado.
  • Sexual Assault on a Child, Possession of Child Pornography. Acquittal from jury trial. Jefferson County, Golden, Colorado.
  • Arson of Nursing Home. Dismissed by Court on Defendant's Motion to Dismiss. Jefferson County, Golden, Colorado.
  • Felony Drug Distribution. Acquittal from jury trial. Boulder County, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Rape and Sexual Assault charges involving divorce and child custody. Acquittal from jury trial. Douglas County, Castle Rock, Colorado.
  • Burglary and Felony Theft. Dismissed by District Attorney. Arapahoe County, Englewood, Colorado.
  • Theft of Drugs by Nurse. Dismissed by District Attorney. Jefferson County, Golden, Colorado.
  • Sexual Assault on a Child, Position of Trust. Acquittal from Jury Trial. Adams County, Brighton, Colorado.
  • Domestic Violence. Dismissed by District Attorney. Douglas County, Castle Rock, Colorado.
  • Violation of Restraining Order. Dismissed by District Attorney. Douglas County, Castle Rock.

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