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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Immigration Deportation for Crimes of Moral Turpitude – Denver Criminal Lawyer Advice

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Crime of Moral Turpitude in Denver and Deportation for a Conviction

Immigration law classifies crimes in different ways. Sure, they know about misdemeanors and felony charges, but they also classify crimes on whether they are a crime of moral turpitude. This class of crimes includes a DUI, DWAI, domestic violence, sexual convictions, theft, drugs, murder, rape, prostitution, fraud, trafficking in people, firearms violations and others which are a felony. Crimes known as an Aggravated Felony are most certain to cause you to be deported. Regrettably, the number of crimes of moral turpitude is growing in the United States. Immigration arrests and deportation is common in Colorado.

What is a Detainer in an Adams County and Arapahoe County Criminal Cases?

Detainers are the same as a “hold”, where the person in a county or state jail or prison cannot leave once they have served their sentence. Instead, ICE will be contacted and immigration deportation proceedings will begin. The person will be transferred to an Aurora Ice jail. This is also called the Denver Contract Detention Facility or the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Facility. Typically, the idea is that someone should finish their sentence on a state charge before they leave our country. The United States does not want to give someone a pass from punishment, just because they are not a citizen, and send them home without punishment.  The bottom line is that getting a criminal charge greatly increases your chances of deportation.

ICE and The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency & Aurora Crimes Lawyers

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency is responsible for getting men and women here illegally and deporting them. This usually occurs after a court hearing, while the person sits in custody. Sometimes, illegal residents and those without a green card can stay here for many years if they have a legal reason to avoid being deported. In other cases, people with a work visa, or as a permanent resident with a green card, who are being accused of a crime will be housed here. Only a good immigration lawyer can determine whether you can remain here when it is alleged that you broke one of our laws.

What is the Denver Contract Detention Facility or the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Facility?

This is the jail where people are held while their immigration status is being determined. The Detention Facility is located in Aurora, Colorado, at 3130 North Oakland Street, with a zip code of 80010. Their main phone number is (303) 361-6612. Visitation is possible. When someone is locked up here, they are called a detainee. In some cases, a detainee can post a bond and get out until their hearing occurs.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help Prevent Deportation in Arapahoe County and Jefferson County

When someone is charged with a crime of moral turpitude, it is only an accusation. Hire the best criminal lawyer and defend yourself. There is a big difference in being accused vs. convicted of a felony or misdemeanor which could get you deported. Whether in Jefferson County or Arapahoe County, you are entitled to fight your charges by going to trial and asking a jury of 12 or 6 to determine your guilt or innocence. Judges don’t get to make that decision in the United States. So, you have hope and may be able to stay here for a long time. In some cases, lawyers are able to work together and find a nondeportable crime, or one with a limited removal. While an immigration attorney is essential, if you are charged with a crime, you also must have a criminal lawyer. Together, they can work to protect your future. In many cases, we have charges dismissed or get an acquittal after a jury trial. Don’t give up – get quality help.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Douglas County – Working to Keep You Here

We know that you have a job, home and family here. We want you to stay and will make every effort to protect you. Working with your immigration attorney, we will develop a strategy to avoid a deportable conviction. Removal does not always need to occur. Never speak the police or ICE officers / agents – you have the right to remain silent. Everyone here gets U.S. and Colorado Constitutions’ presumption of innocence.

How Can an ICE Arrest to Deport You be Stopped?

When accused of a criminal charge, or even after a conviction, there are some ways to successfully challenge the government’s desire to deport you. For example, we have seen a criminal court reclassify a crime. At other times, we can obtain a reversal of a conviction on appeal because you were not properly advised of potential immigration consequences prior to entering a plea of guilty. Finally, we have worked with immigration lawyers to make it more likely that our government will permit your return to the United States following a waiting period of 5 or 10 years in your home country.

Our defense attorneys are concerned for you and your family. No one should be deported when not necessary. Give us a call for a free meeting to discuss your situation. Chances are good that something can be done in the criminal court or the immigration court. You can reach our criminal defense lawyers 24/7 at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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