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Protection Orders in Jefferson County – Lawyers Know They are Used for Revenge

We see it every week.  Women are mad at a guy for breaking up with her.  She goes to court and lies.  She tells a Jefferson County judge that he hit her, pushed her or slapped her.  The judge is like a robot: “I hearby issue a Protection Order against him.”  Proof is not important. Women know it will happen because all their friends do the same thing.  The government: judges, police and district attorneys are all afraid to say no – so they routinely issue the Protection Order and the woman gets her revenge.  To make it worse, in many cases the man does not want to bother will the temporary Protection Order, so he does not come to the hearing and the Protection Order is made permanent.  To his surprise, his life is about to change in a big way.

Civil Protection Orders and Restraining Orders in Douglas County – Judges are Scared to Refuse

Judges should be neutral – but they are not.  Every time a gun or violent crime occurs anywhere in the U.S., judges across the country tremble.  They especially tremble if the victim had asked for a protection or restraining order and was denied – even if she did not legally qualify for one.  Why are judges afraid?  Because their job is at risk.  People like the media and women’s groups will point fingers at the judge and say, “if only their had been a protection order the crime against the woman would not have happened.”  No one really believes a piece of paper will save a life, but hey, these people have a mission to disarm every citizen and news stories help their cause.

Criminal Restraining Orders and Protection Orders in Adams County – A Defense Attorney Says Everyone Gets One

As a result of the fear in Adams County, judges and magistrates will almost always grant the request of a woman against a man for a protection order – just to be safe.  Just to be safe is costly for the man though, and it will require huge changes in his life for something he have never been proven guilty of.  Never let a Restraining Order or Protection Order enter automatically – even if you never want to see the woman again. The consequences are too great.

Criminal Protection Orders and Restraining Order Consequences in Arapahoe County, Colorado

Consequences of Civil and Criminal Protection or Restraining Orders in Arapahoe County are huge.  Here is what we see:

The man must be careful to stay away from the restrained party and not contact her. If she shows up somewhere and he is already there, he must leave.  Imagine the game the woman can play with their joint kids.  She gets to come to all the activities for the child – soccer, music performances, and athletic events.  She’ll be eager to look over the crowd for him and then call the police to arrest him.  In the end, he sometimes must quit his job, give up his personal protection firearms, not see his children and move out of his home. In some cases he cannot find a new job due to the Protection Order.  There is a huge cost – yet judges don’t care – their job security is more important.

Hire a Protection Order and Restraining Order Lawyer in Denver

Don’t delay.  The court will rob you of your 2nd Amendment rights and many more if you sit back and let things just happen.  Don’t let this occur – you must get help and fight the protection order.  With an abundance of evidence, even the most timid judge or magistrate in Denver may listen to common sense and refuse to make the temporary Protection Order permanent.  Only a criminal defense attorney can help you do this – so don’t delay in calling for help.

Our Protection Order attorneys are available to consult with you and to appear at your side in court.  Get the help you need and protect your right to see your kids, your right to live in your house, your right to go to work, and your right to see your children grow up.  Call our Restraining Order attorneys 24/7 at 303-731-0719.  Together, we can protect your future.