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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Denver Domestic Violence Defense Attorney: Harassment and Assault

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Denver Domestic Violence Lawyer – Harassment and Assault Charges are Common

We are frequently called when men and women are accused of Denver Domestic Violence Harassment and domestic violence third degree assault in Adams County. But what is the difference between these two crimes and does it really matter if you get charged with one over the other? It really does matter, particularly if you want to possess a firearm or gun in the future. Even besides that, though, being charged with one is preferable to the other.

Domestic Violence Charges – A Douglas County Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains This Charge

First, you should know that in Douglas County “Domestic Violence” is added to normal charges in order to elevate the consequences of a guilty plea or jury verdict of guilty. It is not a separate crime by itself. This classification attaches to any conduct involving a crime committed against a person with whom you have been in an intimate relationship. Despite the name, Domestic Violence does not need to accompany a violent or physically abusive underlying offense. In essence, any crime attaches if it was committed to coerce or intimidate another person of a current or former intimate relationship. Here is an important thing to remember: the underlying crime you plead guilty to – not the fact it is a DV offense, matters most. Whether in Parker or Castle Rock, any crime you plead to should not involve physical violence, for this is the type of Domestic Violence charge which can impact your gun rights. Something like Domestic Violence phone harassment would have a limited impact on a person’s firearms and Second Amendment rights.

When are Domestic Violence Charges Filed in Jefferson County?

An arrest for this charge normally occurs after an argument with a loved one. Emotions are high and someone gets accused of pushing or hitting another. Once you appear in the Jefferson County Court, the DA will try to get you to plead guilty at the Fast Track Hearing. Never do this. Judges are no better, as they try to move their docket along and promote an early settlement. It is essential you get a Lakewood and Arvada Domestic Violence attorney at your side, because pleading guilty could be the end of your gun and firearms rights. There are plenty of options for resolving a DV case – don’t let the DA pressure you into pleading guilty.

Domestic Violence Harassment and Domestic Violence Assault in Arapahoe County – What’s the Difference

Harassment in Arapahoe County Courts is typically charged when someone strikes, kicks, or shoves another person. There are several other subsections charged less often, which involve things like following someone in a public place, obscene comments over a telephone or computer, threats of bodily injury, repeated communications at inconvenient hours, insults, course language, and making a phone ring and then hanging up. Notice that much of this conduct is nonviolent.

Assault in the Third Degree in Douglas County usually involves knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury to another. Note that this crime involves physical violence. As a result, a Domestic Violence Assault can greatly impair someone’s gun rights.

Our harassment and 3rd Degree Assault lawyers practice across Colorado in places like Saguache, Fremont and Park County. We know the legal system and how to increase the odds that your arrest will not take away your gun rights. Don’t let accusations made by your Domestic Violence “victim” ruin your future. Fight back with a lawyer who values your life. Call us at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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