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Motivation of Colorado Police Officers- Police Mindset in Denver, Part 2

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Adams County, Colorado Police Officer Motivation / Mindset

Like any profession, police have their bad apples. Many Adams County Police Officers will stretch the truth to justify their arrest and look good to supervisors. That is the Police Officer Motivation – Police Mindset. I am not saying that all police lie. But, many will modify or ignore the facts to better their position and support their charges against you.

Police Officers in Denver Are Trying to Convict You

Don’t assume the police will be truthful in reporting what you say to them. After working hundreds of criminal cases over 25 years, it is clear to me that a Denver Police Officer will write down anything you say which will help convict you, and mysteriously fail to write down or remember anything you say helpful to your case. They will interview people they think will support your conviction, and ignore those helpful to you.

Arapahoe County District Court Case for Sexual Assault on a Child – Police Bias

In an Arapahoe County Colorado District Court sexual assault on a child case, the investigator interviewed a mother (who did not like my client) and her sixteen-year-old daughter. They had attended a party where the girl said she was sexually assaulted by my client, four years earlier.  There were 12 other people at that party, and the detective did not interview any of them except my client (trying to get incriminating statements). The detective did not bother to visit the scene of the crime or contact 11 witnesses. His bias was clear. He had what he wanted: an accusation to build a case around. Next, he worked toward the goal of trying to convict my client – not to find out what really happened.

In this serious felony Sexual Assault matter, I visited the scene, took photographs, and talked with every witness possible.  I found a motive for the girl to lie and spent dozens of hours pouring over her statements for inconsistencies.  I hired an expert witness who works with true victims. At the Colorado District Court Jury Trial, I grilled the police detective, the alleged victim and her mother.  We called several witnesses to trial who the government never spoke to.  Our expert witness ran circles around the government expert who could only testify generally about the case, due to a rule violation by the District Attorney. In the end, we obtained an acquittal on all counts and saved my client from a lifetime in prison under Colorado’s harsh sex offender sentencing laws. My client did not have to do treatment under the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB), register as a sex offender, or do sex offender probation.

Douglas County & Jefferson County Criminal Defense Attorney

Each time you speak with the Douglas County Sheriff Deputies, you unknowingly foreclose possible theories of defense.  You can only hurt yourself by talking.  Resist the urge to try and explain your way out of a difficult situation in Jefferson County. Be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and contact our experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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