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Methamphetamine or Meth Drug Possession and Sale in Denver, Colorado

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Methamphetamine Possession vs. Meth Manufacturing, Sale and Distribution in Denver

The possession of Methamphetamine is a continuing problem in Denver, Colorado, with social costs soaring. People who use and possess Meth slowly deteriorate, and become incapable of doing anything else. Since users of this drug lose the ability to work, pay bills or raise their children, laws against the distribution, manufacturing, dispensing, or sale of Methamphetamine are pretty steep. Colorado prefers to harshly punish those who make their living from drugs, rather than users. Let’s take a look at two of the main laws affecting the controlled substance Methamphetamine.

Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance: Methamphetamine in Jefferson County and Douglas County, Colorado

Possession of Meth in Jefferson County has been classified as a DF4, or Drug Felony Four, under C.R.S. 18-18-403.5. This law reads, “it is unlawful for a person knowingly to possess a controlled substance.” “Controlled Substance” means a drug or substance . . . included in schedules I through V . . . including cocaine, marijuana, marijuana concentrate, cathinones, any synthetic cannabinoid, and salvia divinorum.” Without a prescription, you can be arrested and charged. Methamphetamine possession has a potential prison sentence of six months to one year in prison. Under aggravated circumstances, the sentence can be doubled. Douglas County fines for a DF4 drug felony can go up to $100,000, for this schedule two controlled substance. Learn about Methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine Unlawful Distribution, Manufacturing, Dispensing, or Sale in Arapahoe County and Adams County, Colorado

The Unlawful Distribution, Manufacturing, Dispensing, or Sale of Methamphetamine in Arapahoe County, Colorado is high stakes. If someone shares their drugs at a party, they can be charged harshly even though they don’t sell for a living drugs. Adams County Meth Distribution is classified from the weight of Meth involved. It is a level 1 drug felony to have more than 112 grams of methamphetamine, heroin, ketamine or cathinones. It is a level 2 drug felony to distribute or manufacture between 7 and 112 grams of methamphetamine, heroin, ketamine or cathinones. The amount of a DF3, DF4 and M1 drug misdemeanor all go down in stages based on weight.

Penalties and Sentence for Methamphetamine Possession or Sale in Telluride, Grand Junction and Eagle

Our Drug Felony presumptive sentencing ranges look as follows in Telluride, Grand Junction and Eagle:

Level of Drug Felony Presumptive Sentence Range Parole Time
Drug Felony One or DF1 8-32 years 3 years
Drug Felony Two or DF2 4-8 years 2 years
Drug Felony Three or DF3 2-4 years 1 year
DF4 6 months-1 year 1 year

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