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Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offender – A Law Gone Too Far in Colorado – C.R.S. 18-12-108

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New-PWPO.jpgSelf Defense in Adams County is Difficult for Previous Felons

Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offender statute (C.R.S. 18-12-108) in Adams County is a good example of a law that would have been unthinkable a couple of generations ago. Public opinion, mostly influenced by news commentators has played a major role in shifting long held beliefs in our country. It was once assumed that citizen have a basic right to defend him or herself, and after a person paid for her crime; his or her rights should be restored.

No Exception in Jefferson County – Felony Means No Guns

It is against the law in Denver, Arapahoe and Jefferson County, or anywhere in Colorado for a person to possess a firearm if that person has ever been convicted of a felony. Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offender statute does not make exceptions for previous non-violent or non-weapon related felonies. Overly zealous lawmakers in Colorado have convinced voters in Adams, Douglas and Arapahoe County that they are safer by keeping a 60 year old Englewood woman convicted of Forgery (C.R.S. 18-5-102) 40 years ago from possessing a firearm. In reality, law abiding citizens with old felony records become targets for smart burglars who check public records before selecting a victim. Think about it.

Are Protecting Civil Rights Worth Just One Life in Denver?

There is no evidence that people are safer in Denver or Aurora because of the overly broad Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offenders law the way it is written. Politicians love to propose laws like this because it gives them a platform for running a campaign. They can accuse their opponents of being soft on crime if they do not support restrictive laws. Politicians try to convince us to hand over our civil rights by telling the public that “even if a law saves just one life, it would be worth it.” I strongly disagree. Americans have sacrificed countless lives in order to defend our rights and our way of life, even at the risk of an occasional crazy person. I believe our basic right to bear arms is worth much more than the possibility of losing lives.

Charged with Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offender? Don’t Talk with an Arapahoe Sheriff’s Deputy

As an experienced Criminal Defense lawyer working in Arapahoe County and throughout the Denver Metro area, I strive to help good people charged with crimes like Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offender get a fair shake. There are some legitimate defenses if you are charged with this crime in Colorado, but you should not try to fight it alone. You need a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Remain Silent in Broomfield County and Call The Most Trusted Criminal Defense Attorneys

Depending on individual circumstances Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offender charges in Broomfield County can be filed as a class 5 or class 6 felony. So if you are questioned by the police, our advice is to politely decline making any statements. Be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and call us at 303-731-0719. Together we can protect your future.

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