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Accident Involving Damage Only – Advice from an Arapahoe County Attorney

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Leaving the Scene of an Accident – New Laws in Colorado

Colorado now has several laws which cover the subject of leaving the scene of an accident or car collision. Car wrecks in Arapahoe County are broken down depending on the type of harm involved: property damage only or personal injury. The most serious penalties surround personal injury wrecks. One new law is called Accident Involving Damage – Duty. Located at Colorado Revised Statute 42-4-1602, this law relates only to car collisions when there is no personal injury.

Property Damage Accidents Lawyer in Jefferson County – What Should You Do?

When involved in a property damage car crash in Jefferson County, you should quickly stop at the scene, stay at the location, and provide your name, address and vehicle registration to the other person driving the other car, or the owner of the damaged property. Next, you should call the police and report the collision and follow their directions.

What is an Accident Involving Damage Only in Adams County?

Most of the time, a collision involves another car which is hit. In a car crash, sometimes noone is hurt. When nobody one is injured, this is seen as a property damage only case. The law takes this type of crash less seriously. Examples of property only damage wrecks include hitting a fence, crashing into a fence, and knocking over a tree. Other people are involved in crashes where they crash into parked cars, houses, store fronts, speed limit signs, and walls.

Penalties and Punishment if you Fail to Stop for an Accident Involving Damage in Douglas County

Failure to stop, or having a Hit and Run or leaving the scene of an accident, when property damage only occurs, can result in an Douglas County Jail sentence from 10 – 90 days, along with a fine of from $150 – $300. Sometimes, the Douglas County Sheriff will seize your car or truck as “evidence”. They don’t really need it, but want to pressure you into admitting you were the driver. We have seen the Denver Police Department refuse to give back a car until the owner admits they were the driver. It is very hard for police and DAs to prosecute you for this traffic crime if they can’t prove you were the driver. Keeping silent is always the best policy.

Keep Quiet and Call Our Defense Attorneys for a Free Consultation in Denver

Never talk to the police, but instead exercise your constitutional right to remain silent. Then, call our traffic lawyers at 303-731-0719. We have a free consultation where you can meet us for no charge, and learn important information about the court process. Together, we can protect your future.

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