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Lawyers – How Much Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost?

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When I go in to have my car worked on, I worry about being taken advantage of. I don’t know the fair cost, so I often just accept what they tell me. As a Criminal defense lawyer in Denver area, I don’t want my clients feeling like they are being screwed by a high lawyer fee when they are falsely accused. I want them to know that I am charging them the same or less than similarly qualified lawyers in the Denver area. I am not the cheapest. I can only promise you that after 25 years practicing as a criminal defense attorney in Arapahoe County and Adams County, I will give your case my full attention and worry about your well-being 24 / 7. You are important to me. Read why you don’t want to hire a cheap lawyer.

What Factors Affect the Fee Charged by a Criminal Defense Attorney in Jefferson and Douglas County?

Here are things which will impact what you will pay for a good criminal lawyer to defend you against the government:

The attorney’s experience. Someone who has done two dozen jury trials for things like robbery, assault and theft will be better than someone who has done two, so the fee is higher.

The difficulty of the case. A felony is more serious and time consuming than a misdemeanor. A child sexual assault is more difficult than a felony theft case. A child sexual assault case with three alleged victims is more difficult than a criminal case with one alleged victim. Doing a jury trial with more than one victim is similar to doing two or three cases at the same time. The more time, the greater the cost.

The location of the case. Criminal cases in municipal, or city courts like Arvada, Westminster and Thornton are generally less serious and less work, than those at county court houses like Jefferson County Court or Arapahoe County Court. So, the attorney fee is less.

The complexity of the case. Similar to case’s difficulty above, the complexity of the case raises the attorney fee. They take more time. I recently had an embezzlement / theft case, where there were hundreds of pages of police reports. In other cases, I have had over a thousand pages of victim financial records to study. This takes more time.

The need for an expert witness. Expert witnesses in criminal defense cases greatly increase the cost of hiring a criminal attorney. We may have to spend several thousand dollars of your money to hire an expert. This cost is always separate from the lawyer’s legal fees. Accountants, child psychologists, child therapists, computer forensics experts, and DNA scientists are all areas where we need experts to help the jury understand alternative explanations of the evidence. If the government hires an expert, we usually need to hire one.

Standard Criminal Lawyer Fees – Why Don’t We Advertise Them?

There is no standard case. Every case is different. In some cases, I have quoted a fee without first meeting with a potential client and have lived to regret it. Potential clients then hire me and the facts turn out to be different than a “standard – typical” case. I then needed to charge more for more work and the client lost trust in me. We like to meet with someone and learn all about their case and then quote a fee. During these free initial consultations, the client meets us and learns more about our character. At the end of the initial meeting, we tell the client what their case will cost.

Price Alone is a Not a Good Way to Hire a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Some people accused and charged in criminal cases base their hiring decision on price alone. Can you imagine going to the cheapest doctor for your medical care? Mexico has some doctors who charge much less than American doctors. How about the cheapest dentist, financial advisor or mechanic? You usually get what you pay for. I have seen lawyers who don’t have an office and operate out of their “home office”. They meet clients at a restaurant – full of distractions. At court in Adams County, the lawyer meets with several people at once and doesn’t even recognize his clients. He gets cases confused and has not read the police reports. After charging a cheap fee, he does not have time to meet with witnesses or call them. He is unprepared and tries hard to settle cases with the first plea offer. He does not like to go to a jury trial because he cannot afford all that time for the small fee. The district attorneys know his reputation to accept unreasonable plea offers quickly. The client suffers.

Come and meet us at our office and discuss your case with professional lawyers who only do criminal defense cases in Denver, Golden and Arvada, Colorado. We know this area well – since it is all we do. We will fight hard for you, as if you are our close friend or family member. We will also tell you the truth about your chances of winning at trial when you are accused of committing a crime. Never speak with police about your charges – be silent. Officers are not your friend. Give our defense attorneys a call at 303-731-0719 today. Together, we can protect your future.