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Historical Changes – DAs, Courts, and Police Scared of News Media

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2014 | DAs, Courts, and Police |

While this blog is not directly on point with any criminal offenses like Sexual Assault, Robbery or Theft, I thought it was important to educate our blog readers on a disturbing trend I see over and over. Judges, District Attorneys and Police in Arapahoe and Douglas County are more afraid than ever before, of complaints from victims. Perhaps this is due in part to the Victim’s Bill of Rights in Colorado. More so, though, I think it is due to the media. The worst fear of DAs, Courts, and Police is that the media will publicize a tragic situation and blame it on that agency or employee.

News Media Sensationalism Drives Judicial, District Attorney and Police Decision Making

We see the media as a powerful force in shaping our culture’s moral decline through television programs which model infidelity, sexual freedom and moral relativism (whatever the individual can justify in their own mind). Yet for real ratings, Denver television and newspaper news reporters chase down or create news stories to sensationalize. I still remember the pregnant TV news reporter who ran down the Jefferson County courthouse hallways chasing me and my client, after she realized we had left the courtroom. When we got outside, she repeatedly ran in front of my client, trying to steer him against a wall – much like a sheepdog would direct a flock of sheep. All the while, she screamed exaggerated questions, trying to provoke an angry response to put on the news. When he meekly put his arm out straight in front of him to clear a path to leave the reporter and her camera man, the reporter screamed “don’t touch me, I’m pregnant.”

Judges, District Attorneys and Police Fear Media Criticism

While media sensationalism is not new, somehow things have changed in the way elected officials (or retained judges) view the news. More than ever, DAs, Courts, and Police are worried that their career can quickly come to an end if they face criticism for a decision they’ve made – even if they could not possibly have known a defendant would reoffend. This occurs from stories seen on our local and national news media. The result? Judges routinely impose things like GPS, Pretrial Services supervision and No-Contact Restraining / Protection Orders in Adams and Weld County. They theorize that if they impose strict monitoring, no one can complain if the accused does something crazy to an alleged victim.

If you are facing strict, over-the-top restrictions like no contact with your own kids, exclusion from your workplace, GPS, pretrial alcohol monitoring SCRAM device, or an unwarranted Protection Order based on fear of DAs, Courts and Police, give our lawyers a call at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.