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Coloado Record Sealing and Expungement Matter

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2013 | Record Sealing |

In our increasingly competitive job and housing market, Record Sealing and Expungement matter more than ever.  Juvenile case sealing is characterized as expungement, and adult records are known as sealed.  Surprisingly, this process is becoming easier in Colorado.  In a remarkable development, smaller convictions have been made easier to remove from your criminal history.

Colorado Juvenile Convictions / Adjudications

Traditionally with Juvenile court and police records, expungement is possible if the matter is not of a serious sexual nature.  Children simply need to wait until a certain period of time has passed following termination of their supervision.  This means the conclusion of probation, a deferred judgment, or a deferred adjudication.  This waiting period varies in Jefferson, Douglas and Denver County. Typically, there is very little waiting following the conclusion of supervision under a deferred adjudiction, and a longer period for the more serious Juvenile adjudications.  Remember, kids’ convictions are called “adjudications”, while adult conduct results in convictions.

Adult County and District Court Cases

Colorado state law in Adams, Arapahoe and Larimer County permits record sealing of criminal police and court records which did not result in permanent convictions (with the exception of some drug possession offenses after a lengthy waiting period).  In a practical sense, this means if a person has ALL charges dismissed, then the case is sealable.  This normally occurs when someone is arrested but charges are not filed, when a case is dismissed, or when an acqittal results from trial.  If several charges are dismissed but just one charge resulted in a conviction, then the entire record from that case is not sealable.

Municipal Misdemeanor and Petty Convictions

Recent law changes now permit the sealing of municipal convictions in places like Lakewood, Aurora, Denver and Thornton.  As said above, normally convictions are not sealable, so this is remarkable news.  Now, city court convictions across Colorado can be sealed following a three year waiting period after the conclusion of the case (the end of probation, for example). Criminal record sealing for minor convictions means that criminal mistakes from things like shoplifting, prostitution, disorderly conduct and fighting (assault and battery) no longer need to hamstring you for a life-time.  Contact us for more specifics.

Our free record sealing consultation with a criminal defense lawyer is a great way to learn at no cost whether you can be free from all or a portion of your criminal past.  So, give us a call at 303-731-0719 to schedule an appointment today.  Together, we can protect your future.