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Photo Of Kyle B. Sawyer

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Firearms / Gun Control and now Knife Control?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2013 | Firearms |

Another reason for new federal and state laws! I just read on-line about a Texas knife attack at Lone Star College in Cypress, Texas. Fourteen people were hurt. Where is our government to protect us? President Obama, will you be sending representatives to Texas to tout knife control? Will you have a press conference on the campus to encourage state lawmakers to pass tougher laws on knives like you did with firearms? How about our liberal Colorado legislature? Will you be entertaining liberal activists from New York and Washington for hearings here?

I for one insist on immediate action. We need to ban long knives, require knife registration and outlaw knife sharpeners. Enough is enough. Government should have acted sooner and this carnage would not exist. Maybe the attention hungry parent of a child cut in the attack should hold a news conference. The liberal media would gather around.

Yes, to some extent I am joking. But are you honest enough to see the parallel between guns and the tragedies caused by nuts with guns and the Texas knife attack? It is people who commit crimes and not firearms, knives or cars. A thoughtful response would be to examine what made this guy go nuts to hurt people, and try to head off future attacks. Or, how about letting fellow students carry knives or guns to fight back next time? A foolish response would be to punish the 300 million Americans who used knives today and did not attack anyone, by restricting the number or type of knives they can carry.

Our federal and state governments are pushing their liberal anti-gun agenda and using genuine tragedies like this as speaking points. They don’t have a solution to societies’ moral decline which they’ve created by removing morality and prayer from schools long ago. They’ve taught their doctrine that there is no right or wrong. Now, the consequences of this foolish liberal philosophy are coming to maturity.

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