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Sexual Assault on a Child Lawyer in Arvada | CRS 18-3-405

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An accusation of sexual assault on a child in Jefferson County, Colorado can derail a person’s life. These criminal charges can carry heavy penalties, possibly leading to lengthy prison sentences and lifetime supervision. When a child, or someone close to them, claims that an older person touched them sexually, a thorough investigation begins. While parents, relatives, or mandatory reporters often inform law enforcement of this behavior, defendants are sometimes caught off guard when contacted by police over the phone, at work, or at home. If you or someone you know finds themselves in this situation, contact a sexual assault on a child lawyer at Sawyer Legal Group right away.

What Does Sexual Assault on a Child Mean in Colorado?

Colorado laws prohibit touching a child’s intimate parts when they’re 14 or younger, regardless of verbal consent. CRS 18-3-405 defines these child sex assault acts in Jefferson, Denver, and Adams County. Police will pursue charges if they believe you:

  • knowingly subjected someone 14 or younger (not your spouse),
  • to any sexual contact,
  • AND were 4 or more years older at the time

Groping or fondling a child’s clothed intimate parts is unlawful as well if it was done for the purpose of arousal, gratification, or abuse. Age parameters increase in these cases if the defendant is in a position of trust to include juveniles 15, 16, or 17 years of age.

Sexual Assault on a Child Jail Time

Each child sex assault case in Colorado is different. Consequences won’t always look the same. As a class 4 felony, a conviction can lead to:

However, a class 3 felony applies if the contact happened multiple times or force or threats were used. This can as much as double the prison sentence. While incarceration can be especially difficult to navigate for sex offenders, their experience outside of prison is also very difficult with extreme limitations on where they work, places they can go, and who they can live / interact with (even family members).

Defense Attorney for SAOC Charges

Those facing accusations of sexually assaulting a minor may feel like they have nowhere to turn. The defense attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group understand that these cases can include far more than the victim or mandatory reporter divulge. Whether you’re being falsely accused, overcharged, or made some poor choices, it is critical to protect your future. Contact our office to schedule a free, confidential consultation with one of our highly rated criminal lawyers. We offer same-day jail visits, affordable fees, and flexible payment plans for defendants throughout Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, and Denver.

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