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Failure to Appear Lawyer in Denver | Pro Bowl LB Arrested

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When someone misses a required court date in Denver, Lakewood, or Aurora, a bench warrant for their arrest can result. Referred to as failure to appear (FTA), these cases often come about after traffic offenses. Early this week, a NFL linebacker was arrested after failing to appear last month for driving under restraint and expired license plates. The best thing a defendant in a situation like this can do is contact an experienced failure to appear lawyer right away. Below we discuss failure to appear in greater detail and how our criminal defense attorneys can help those facing accusations.

What is a Bench Warrant in Colorado?

A bench warrant in Colorado can be seen as a means for judges to punish those who fail to appear for court. Once one is issued, law enforcement can arrest the person at any point.

When the defendant is facing misdemeanor charges, police will sometimes not specifically seek out the person to make the arrest. However, if you’re pulled over for a traffic stop the outstanding warrant will show and you’ll be taken into custody.

If you have an outstanding warrant against you in Jefferson, Denver, or Arapahoe County, securing an attorney to file a motion to quash the warrant is essential. This can move the case along to a hearing where you and your defense attorney can argue to have the warrant lifted.

Consequences for Failure to Appear in Denver

Missing court can have additional consequences, even in situations where the judge recalls the warrant. Possible ramifications include:

  • imposing bail (for those granted a PR bond),
  • increasing bail,
  • restricting travel,
  • alcohol and drug testing,
  • or electronic monitoring

Because the court notifies the Colorado DMV of bench warrants for failing to appear for court, a suspended license on an outstanding judgement warrant (OJW) can impact the defendant as well. For those on probation, failure to appear can be considered a violation of probation. After a probation revocation hearing, judges can reinstate the probation, increase its terms, or revoke it altogether, leading to county jail or prison time for the remainder of the sentence.

Failure to Appear – What to Do Next

Each case involving a failure to appear is unique. Contacting a criminal lawyer early on has many benefits and can have a substantial impact on how the case proceeds, as well as the outcome. The circumstances and facts of your situation matter. Sawyer Legal Group is here to help. We’ve handled thousands of criminal cases throughout Colorado and our reviews speak for themselves.

We encourage you to contact our office today for a free, confidential consultation. We will carefully analyze your case, answer your questions, and suggest next steps. Our affordable fees and flexible payment plans make obtaining the best representation a reality when it matters most.

Don’t talk to the police about failure to appear – talk to us. 303-731-0719

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