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Threats or actions that place others in fear of injury can lead to menacing charges in Boulder, Longmont, and Broomfield. Our attorneys have seen this charge come in many different shapes and sizes from verbal threats toward a neighbor to aiming a weapon at an ex in a moment of anger. While the alleged victim actually being scared is a factor, a defendant’s intent to scare the person is often what prosecutors are trying to uncover in these cases. If you or someone you know is facing allegations of making criminal threats in Broomfield, Westminster, or Boulder County, it’s time to speak with an experienced menacing lawyer as soon as you can.

Boulder Menacing Law

Boulder County’s menacing law prohibits threats or actions meant to strike fear of injury in others. CRS 18-3-206 is the criminal code that addresses menacing throughout the state of Colorado. Police in Boulder, Longmont, or Westminster will pursue charges if they believe you:

  • knowingly placed or attempted to place,
  • someone in fear of imminent serious bodily injury,
  • by any threat or physical action

Everyone says things they regret, especially when aggravated or particularly stressed. However, how your words or acts are received can lead to significant trouble. Even if you claim you were just joking or weren’t being serious, law enforcement will tend to side with the victim if they were indeed fearful.

How Bad is Menacing in Boulder?

In menacing cases where a deadly weapon wasn’t involved, the charge is a class 1 misdemeanor. A conviction can lead to:

  • a county jail sentence of up to 12 months,
  • fines of $1,000

Menacing elevates to a class 5 felony in Boulder, Broomfield, and Westminster if you use a deadly weapon or any item that someone would reasonably believe is one. A conviction here can result in a prison sentence of 1 – 3 years and fines of $1K – $100K.

Boulder’s Top Criminal Defense Attorney

While there are several options when facing a criminal charge, contacting Sawyer Legal Group is a must. Our reviews and case results speak for themselves. Defendants can enter each court date knowing their attorney is prepared, determined, and respected by all the different roles in criminal court. Perhaps you’re being overcharged, the allegations are false, or there are holes in the prosecutor’s case. Schedule a free, confidential consultation with a menacing lawyer today. Our affordable fees and flexible payment plans make strategic representation a reality for those facing criminal accusations in Boulder, Longmont, Superior, Louisville, Broomfield, and Westminster. Your best possible outcome is our top priority.

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