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Adams County Reckless Endangerment Lawyer | Risk of Serious Injury

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Anytime a person acts in a way that creates a significant risk of seriously injuring others, a reckless endangerment charge can result. In Adams County, Colorado, this crime can involve doing something dangerous around children or completing tasks at work while drunk. It also isn’t uncommon for a reckless endangerment charge to follow erratic driving or an error made with a firearm or weapon. Reckless endangerment is an especially broad criminal statute, leaving a great deal of discretion to prosecutors in filing charges. Contact an experienced reckless endangerment lawyer today if you’re being accused of these behaviors in Colorado.

Adams County Reckless Endangerment Law

Adams County’s reckless endangerment law prohibits certain behaviors that could result in serious injury. CRS 18-3-208 addresses reckless endangerment specifically. You commit this crime in Thornton, Commerce City, or Brighton if you:

  • engage in conduct,
  • that creates a substantial risk,
  • of serious bodily injury to another

While injury doesn’t always actually occur in these cases, the key element is the substantial risk. If police think you knew your actions posed a threat to another person, they’re often quick to charge. We see this charge sometimes accompany DUI where a person drives a car while intoxicated and with other passengers, especially children.

Will I Go to Jail for Reckless Endangerment in Colorado?

Every reckless endangerment case in Colorado is different. As a result, the ramifications differ as well. As a class 2 misdemeanor, a reckless endangerment conviction can result in:

  • up to 6 months in county jail,
  • a maximum fine of $750

However, if your actions do in fact cause an injury, a charge of assault can apply. This extraordinary risk crime has amplified penalties and can lead to a lengthier period of time in jail and steep fines.

Reckless Endangerment Attorney in Thornton

When reckless endangerment allegations exist, there are important steps to take. First, don’t talk with police about the situation or provide statements. Doing so typically only hurts your defense. Second, avoid discussing the case with friends or electronically via text, email, or social media. Finally, secure a strategic defense attorney capable of forming a strong defense on your behalf. Perhaps your actions were accidental or there wasn’t a risk of serious bodily injury. Nevertheless, contact our office for a free consultation. Our affordable fees and flexible payment plans make quality representation a reality in uncertain times.

If you or a close friend is facing reckless endangerment charges in Colorado, be smart. Contact the determined criminal defense attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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