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False Reporting Attorney in Jefferson County

false-reporting-attorney-jefferson-county-omalley-and-sawyer-llc.jpgFalse Reporting to Authorities occurs in Jefferson County, Colorado whenever someone makes a false report of a crime to law enforcement. This offense can occur on many different levels, involving tabloid-worthy celebrities all the way to someone as simple as your neighbor. False Reporting is typically charged as a class 3 misdemeanor. However, if someone falsely reports the presence of explosives, weapons, or harmful substances, it can become a felony offense. Hiring a skilled attorney for false reporting is crucial for those involved in this offense.

What is False Reporting to Authorities in Jefferson County, CO?

C.R.S. 18-8-111 outlines the illegal behavior involved with false reporting in Golden, Colorado. Some of the key factors are:

  • someone creates a false report or causes a false report to be transmitted to police (knowing the crime did not in fact occur)
  • presents information related to a crime that is known to be false
  • provides false identification to police
  • a person knowingly falsely activates a fire alarm or emergency exit alarm
  • prevents the activation of a fire / emergency alarm

    Additionally, it is illegal to falsely report the presence of an explosive, weapon, or harmful substance in a public area or on any mode of public transportation. Items such as bombs, chemical / biological agents, poison, and weapons all apply to this law.

    Consequences for False Reporting to Authorities in Lakewood, CO

    False Reporting to Authorities is usually a class 3 misdemeanor in Lakewood, CO. Consequences can include up to 6 months in county jail and a fine of $50 - $750. If the offense involves a person deliberately making an alarm sound while committing a crime, a class 2 misdemeanor can apply. Consequences can include 3 - 12 months in county jail and a fine of $250 - $1,000. False Reporting may become a class 6 felony when someone claims the presence of explosives, weapons, or harmful substances in a public place. A class 6 felony can include 12 - 18 months of incarceration and a fine of $1,000 - $100,000.

    Jefferson County Attorney for False Reporting to Authorities

    False reporting is an offense that can be as simple as lying to law enforcement about who you are. Sometimes people commit false reporting when they've been pulled over by police and pretend to be someone other than themselves. Individuals have been known to provide a false name to avoid being identified. This, however, is a much less severe offense when compared to falsely accusing another person of a criminal act. Law enforcement frowns upon this offense as it draws essential resources away from actual threats to the safety of the public. Hiring a skilled defense attorney for false reporting is vital to ensure the facts in your case are carefully analyzed and taken into consideration regarding next steps.

    If you or someone you know is facing a charge of false reporting, be smart. Contact the reputable defense attorneys at O'Malley and Sawyer at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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