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Woman in Larimer County Charged and Convicted of Resisting Arrest

It was a widely publicized story last year when a CSU student in Larimer County was charged with Obstructing a Peace Officer and Resisting Arrest. The woman had been exiting a bar on her 21st birthday, when her friend was approached by officers. She confronted the police, becoming vocally and physically hostile. The officer brought her to the ground when she wouldn’t comply with his requests. In an article by CBS Denver, she is said to have been sentenced to one year of supervised probation and 48 hours of community service, after the first trial ended in a mistrial and the second trial was continued. The Fort Collins Police Officer involved was cleared of all the charges brought against him for how he handled the situation.

What is Considered Resisting Arrest in Arapahoe County?

In Arapahoe County and throughout Colorado, you can be charged with Resisting Arrest if you knowingly prevent or attempt to prevent an Englewood Police Officer from arresting you. If you try to stop an Arapahoe County Sheriff from arresting a friend, or anyone else they are trying to take into custody, you can also be charged with Resisting Arrest. Your attempt at preventing your or another’s arrest must be proven to have been done using, or threatening to use, physical force or violence against the peace officer or someone else, or done in a way that creates a substantial safety concern for them. The student mentioned previously was caught on camera hitting the officer, so the charge of Resisting Arrest could be applied to her case.

What is the Penalty for Resisting Arrest in Jefferson County?

If you are charged with Resisting Arrest, a Class 2 misdemeanor in Jefferson County, you could be facing anywhere from 3 – 12 months in jail, and/or a fine between $250 and $750. Like all other criminal convictions, you will have to serve a term of mandatory parole. If it is proven in court that you intended to cause bodily injury to the police officer during the arrest, you could be facing a worse crime – Assault in the Second Degree. In cities such as Lakewood, Golden, and Evergreen, Assault in the Second Degree is a charged as a felony, which means mandatory prison time.

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Adams County Defense Lawyer for Resisting Arrest

If you are being charged with Resisting Arrest in Adams County or anywhere in Colorado, be smart. Exercise your right to remain silent and contact the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Sawyer Legal Group. Call us today at 303-731-0719 to set up a free initial consultation or to schedule a jail visit. Together, we can protect your future.