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Place to Sleep in Exchange For Sex – Solicitation in Jefferson County

Moral changes in American culture is a given. The latest proof is that men are offering women a place to live in exchange for sex. The question which naturally arises is whether “friends with benefits” is considered a form of Prostitution. Additionally, what sort of a risk do men incur when they place an advertisement for this type of arrangement on Craigslist – can it be Solicitation in Jefferson County? Read What’s the Difference Between Prostitution and Solicitation.

Colorado’s Two Main Sex Based Prostitution Crimes:

1) Prostitution in Adams and Arapahoe County, C.R.S. 18-7-201, involves anyone agreeing to perform a sex act in exchange for money or anything of value.

2) Solicitation in Jefferson or Douglas County, C.R.S. 18-7-202, involves soliciting another person for prostitution.

Taken together, it seems an easy sell to a jury that advertising for women to receive free housing in exchange for sex is Solicitation. Remember the “anything of value” from above? We are not just talking about money – free rent qualifies. Next, the woman who agrees to give of herself in exchange for something of value commits prostitution.

Rent in Exchange for Sex is a Crime in Adams County

This simple examination of these two popular crimes means that police are probably looking through Craigslist ads trying to find people to charge in Adams County. It is tough for them to locate the woman in the equation, but the man is an easy catch. All the detectives have to do is have a cute officer respond to the ad in person and arrest the man once details are established on a hidden microphone. Even the recorded phone calls with the man will be used against him. Publicly advertising for a “friends with benefits” living arrangement is dangerous criminally. A solicitation charge on your record is harmful. Plus, in many cases, police can justify taking a home or car when used in the commission of a crime like Prostitution or Solicitation.

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