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How to Seal a Record in Denver, Colorado – Questions and Answers

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What is Record Sealing in Arapahoe County?

In Arapahoe County, Record Sealing involves removing your criminal record from police and court databases. This can be crucial to getting your life back on track after a charge or conviction. An unsealed criminal record can prevent you from getting a job or housing when employers and landlords run background checks. Nosy neighbors will not be able to dig up your past, as your criminal records will no longer be available online to the public. After sealing your record you know you can be treated fairly for all future background checks and you can legally deny being charged with the sealed crime.

How Can I Seal My Criminal Record in Denver?

To seal your criminal record in Denver, you would first start by visiting your local police department to acquire a copy of your criminal records. You would then need to determine which crimes are eligible for sealing, as some are not, based on the actual crime, the length of time since the crime was committed, and other factors such as if the sentence has been served. After filling out any necessary paperwork, you may file your petition and pay the filing fee. This fee can cost over $600, depending on the offense (some offenses will not have a filing fee, such as some underage possession charges). After this, it is up to the court whether or not your petition is accepted.

What Records Cannot Be Sealed in Adams County?

In Adams County, Colorado, there are some records which cannot be sealed. If you have been convicted of any of the following crimes*, your petition will be denied:

Misdemeanor where the convicted has a CDL
Class 1 & Class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense
Class A & Class B traffic infractions

*note that this is not a complete list of the crimes ineligible for record sealing.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer For Record Sealing in Douglas County?

Even if you are eligible to have your record sealed, there is no guarantee that it will be. If your petition is denied with the Douglas County Courthouse, you will have to petitioning again, repeating the entire process and paying a new filing fee. An experienced criminal lawyer can help you understand this complicated process and ensure that your records are sealed.

Jefferson County Attorney for Sealing of Criminal Record

If you are wanting to seal or even expunge your records in Jefferson County, call us today to set up a free initial consultation, at 303-731-0719. The criminal defense attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group are here to help you protect your future.