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Pimping in Denver County and Arapahoe County

Our state laws define the crime of Pimping at C.R.S. 18-7-206, as when a person “knowingly lives on or is supported or maintained in whole or in part by money or other thing of value which is earned, received, procured, or realized by any other person through prostitution.” This crime is a Class 3 Felony in Denver County, Arapahoe County, and throughout Colorado. Due to the serious punishments possible with this charge, it is essential that you have a hard fighting pimping defense attorney at your side.  Pimping elements can be summarized to occur when a person:

  • Receives payment (money or valuable items) from a prostitute who earned the money through the crime of prostitution.
  • Operates a prostitution business, and earns a share of the prostitutes’ income.

Persons convicted of a Class 3 Felony Pimping charge in Centennial, Colorado face:

  • 4 to 12 years imprisonment in the Colorado state DOC prison system
  • $3,000 up to $750,000 fine

Pandering is Very Broadly Defined in Douglas County and Adams County

Pandering originates under Colorado law at C.R.S. 18-7-203, and can in classification from a Class 3 Misdemeanor to a Class 5 Felony.  This crime results when someone “induces a person by menacing or criminal intimidation to commit prostitution.”  It can also occur in Douglas County when someone knowingly sets up or offers to set up a location where someone may practice prostitution. The broad term of Pandering encompasses situations we might not normally associate with law violations from conduct like:

  • Offering or agreeing to locate a prostitute for someone.
  • Giving directions to someone to a location which is known to be a place of prostitution.
  • Gathering or helping gather others together for prostitution activity.

The more serious class 5 Felony Pandering is charged in Adams County when a person menaces or intimidates an individual into committing prostitution.  It can result in:

  • 1 to 3 years imprisonment in DOC (Colorado Department of Corrections).
  • a $1,000 to $100,000 fine.

The less serious sentence for Pandering results when a person offers to arrange a location where a person can engage in prostitution.  The possible sentence is:

  • Up to 6 months in a County Jail.
  • $50 to $750 fine.

Jefferson County Attorney for Pimping or Pandering Charges

Whether Pimping or Pandering, sexual offenses have long lasting consequences as Colorado lawmakers and courts are unforgiving.  Whether a prison, Jefferson County Jail or probation sentence, you will be classified as a sexual offender and your record will be tarnished for life.  If contacted by Golden Police or arrested, always be smart, exercise your right to remain silent and call our experienced prostitution defense attorneys 24/7 at 303-731-0719.  Together, we can protect your future.

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