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Defending False Reporting and False Allegations in Jefferson County

| Jun 18, 2018 | False Reporting |


False Allegations in Jefferson County Court – Defense from False Reporting

The most important thing is to avoid False Allegations in the first place. After hundreds of cases of people who are False Reporting and accused in Jefferson County Court, there are some common factors to avoid. First, avoid making women and girls angry to the core. For example many cases involve parents taking a cell phone from a teenaged girl for discipline, and the stepdad is suddenly accused of sexual assault. Second, Domestic Violence allegations come from angering an ex-girlfriend or spouse. Go slowly and carefully in breakups – not abruptly. Finally, don’t marry, sleep with, or be around mothers with teenaged girls. You will get burned, as they are willingto lie if upset. They are missing the gene which stops them from accusing their biological father. Step-dads are always fair game to get what a teenaged girl wants. False Allegations.

Defending the False Reporting of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence False Allegations Arapahoe County

The best defense to False Reporting in Arapahoe County is to have people who know the child and her tendency to lie. These character witnesses have admissible testimony for trial. You need to document prior lies by the child. Dishonest acts, like stealing, are admissible in court. Get the girl’s ex-friends to come to court and say that she is untruthful. Finally, have a defense lawyer who is experienced to meet with you and plan a thorough defense to the false allegations against you in your Arapahoe County criminal case. What is False Reporting?

False Allegations – Defending with Inconsistent Statements in Douglas County

False Allegations for Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault often occur in Douglas County. A good defense is to look for and document inconsistent statements to use at trial and in court. Statements by a girl to her mother, compared to what she tells police, to what she tells a forensic interviewer, to what she says at trial, often differ. Lying girls can’t always remember the story they tell to everyone. It is essential that your Parker, Castle Rock and Douglas County defense attorney documents all of her statements and prepares them for trial.

Adams County: Has the Most Cases of False Allegations and Sexual Assault on a Child

We work criminal cases across Colorado and find the most sexual assault on a child cases are in Adams County. Here, prosecutors will take any case to trial and send any man to prison on the thinnest of evidence. Judges out here are former prosecutors and they have a strong bent toward convicting “sex offenders.” Notice the presumption of guilt? Police and prosecutors are unwilling to ask tough questions about whether the story of the girl makes sense. I remember a case there where, on the stand, a little girl started making up more of her story before the jury and judge. Despite solid proof they heard, knowing the story was made up, the 2 deputy district attorneys in court refused to dismiss their charges and set our innocent client free.