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What To Do When Someone is Arrested in Denver, Colorado

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7 Steps After Someone is Arrested in Denver

If a friend or family member of yours has been arrested in Denver, Colorado, you might be wondering what to do.If this arrest is a first time occurrence, you may be stressed out and worried; you want to help as much as you can, and you don’t want to make the situation worse. As Defense Attorneys, we know that the items in the following list will help you be prepared and know what initial steps to take after a loved one has been taken to jail.

1. Don’t Discuss Any Part of the Criminal Case on The Phone or Video at the Adams County Jail

When you speak on the phone or by video with the person in Adams County Jail, remember that everything you say is recorded for the prosecutor. Don’t ask questions about the allegations, and don’t let the person in jail discuss the details of the charges.

2. Find Out the Bond Amount at the Douglas County Jail

Find out what the bail or bond amount is to get the person released from the  Douglas County Jail. If it is an affordable amount, don’t use a bondsman – post cash. This way, you get it all back when your family member’s case is complete.

3. Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Jail Visit at the Jefferson County Jail

After an arrest, consider calling a Criminal Defense Lawyer to go to Jefferson County Jail and meet with your family member. The lawyer will advise them not to speak to police and not to talk about the case with other inmates. An attorney can prepare them for the court hearings to follow and predict the next steps for a positive conclusion.

4. Find First Court Date in Arapahoe County

Check the Arapahoe County court’s docket page and determine when the first court date is for your loved one. You can attend the hearing and may want to have a Defense Lawyer present to address bond.

5. Get Witness Contact Information – Eagle County Court

In Eagle County Court, try and get the names and contact information for any potential witnesses, if you can do this without aggravating any alleged victim or their supporters.

6. Gilpin County Courts: Take Pictures of Injuries

Once your family member gets out of the Gilpin County Jail, be sure and take quality pictures of any injuries they have. This will help support self defense for court, and can be used at any potential trial. Wounds heal, so take these promptly.

7. Never Give Police Permission to Search in Denver

Politely decline your permission for police to search any house, room, apartment or belongings.  They are looking for evidence to hurt your friend who has been arrested.

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