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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

ICE and Immigration Consequences from Criminal Convictions in Adams County, Colorado

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Immigration and Deportation from Criminal Convictions in Denver

Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Denver and Adams County is responsible for enforcing immigration laws in the United States. Many of the immigration laws which permit Deportation, arise after someone has been convicted of a crime in Colorado. Fortunately, not all crimes qualify for deportation. So, criminal defense lawyers in our offices with district attorneys to find plea bargains which are immigration friendly. These pleas will not make someone eligible for removal or deportation.

Criminal Convictions Which Result in Deportation in Jefferson County, Colorado

The basic premise is that a non-citizen cannot get a criminal conviction for a crime of moral turpitude. These won’t generally result in your deportation from Jefferson County. Crimes of Moral Turpitude are sometimes defined as those involving a depraved or immoral act. They include crimes which violate a basic duty owed to others, or reprehensible acts. Some examples in Lakewood, Arvada and Wheat Ridge include theft, drugs, fraud, violent crimes like assault and sexual assault. There are many others, and they seem to change a little. So, you can never be for sure that your crime is not included, but must seek the help of an immigration lawyer. DUI and Deportation in Colorado.

Convicted of a Crime of Moral Turpitude in Douglas County, Colorado? What are Removal Proceedings?

ICE has teams who search for non-citizens convicted of crimes of moral turpitude in Douglas County, Parker and Castle Rock. These ICE officers are responsible for finding “removable aliens” and putting them under arrest and deporting them. The process is called removal proceedings. These people can include anyone from another country who is not a U.S. citizen, even if they have a visa or green card. We have seen angry district attorneys call ICE so that people here illegally will be arrested, and have a harder time defending themselves.

Arapahoe County, Colorado: Removal Proceedings Following Criminal Convictions

Removal proceedings in Arapahoe County consist of the arrest, court hearings and deportation of a non-citizen. The term encompasses the initial Notice to Appear and all of the hearings which follow. The first hearing is a Master Calendar Hearing and the process ends with an Order of Removal (deportation) or the denial of such. People in Aurora and Centennial may voluntarily agree to leave the country and save the government time and money, through a voluntary removal. That can be good, so that a person does not have a removal order on their record. Our criminal defense lawyers seek to ensure that you won’t be successfully removed from the U.S., based on the plea you enter or a jury verdict.

If you have been arrested and are a non-citizen, we can generally improve your immigration status through an immigration friendly plea. Call our Denver area lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.