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Polygraph Use in Court and Douglas County Criminal Cases

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Using a Polygraph or Lie Detector Test in Colorado Courts

Criminal defense lawyers use the Polygraph outside of Douglas County Court, because it is seen as unreliable. Judges have decided that important decisions need to have a more sound tool, than a Polygraph, which is sometimes called a lie detector test in Parker and Castle Rock, Colorado. This is the official policy of courts, speaking out of the left side of their mouth. When they speak out of the right side of their mouth, they tell a different story.

Denver Court Polygraphs and Inconsistent Policies

Attorneys grow frustrated how courts and District Attorneys acknowledge the unreliability of the Polygraph in court, yet they find them reliable enough to send someone who is on probation, to prison for dozens of years. When someone is involved in sex offender treatment, one of the popular tools is to have the probationer take a polygraph to see if they’ve violated any rules. If the person gets an inconclusive Polygraph or one which is deceptive, the treatment team, including probation officers, will file a motion to revoke the defendant’s probation and send him or her to prison. How to use a Polygraph in Court

Sex History Polygraphs for Sex Offenders in Arapahoe County Court

A second tool used in sex offender treatment in Arapahoe County, is a sex history polygraph. This can also make or break a sex offender’s probation status. If you pass the sex history polygraph, they will keep you in Aurora and Littleton sex treatment. If you can’t, they will say that you are holding back critical information and move to revoke your probation. The evidence for this harsh move? The unreliable Polygraph.

Polygraphs PreCharge in Jefferson County, Colorado – One Defense Attorney’s Tool

We have seen cases where a detective is unsure who to believe in a he-said / she-said domestic violence case. In these instances, sometimes a police officer will rely on a Polygraph to decide whether to file formal charges. We have even seen several times where a Deputy District Attorney will rely on the “unreliable” Polygraph in deciding whether to dismiss a case. Unfortunately, it is very rare for the government to ask an alleged victim to take one. They are too afraid of the victim’s rights lobby – who might perceive such a request as unsupportive of the “victim”.

How a Polygraph Works in Adams County Criminal Courts

The Polygraph is a scientific tool used in Adams County Criminal Courts. It involves highly sensitive sensors which measure changes in someone’s physiological responses to questions. These responses include changes in a person’s breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and perspiration. If these responses stay the same, a polygraph examiner will say you are telling the truth. However, if you get nervous on important questions (“Did you steal the money?”), you may fail the exam. Another warning: Some Polygraph examiners get paid by the government and do not want you to pass your exam.

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