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What is Internet Luring of a Child in Jefferson County, Colorado?

Like many sexual crimes, Internet Luring of a Child can be charged in Jefferson County, Colorado, based on the word of a police officer or private citizen. Typically, we see these charges when a child is in trouble and they want to divert attention from themselves. In other cases, they are angry at someone for taking away their cell phone as discipline. Whatever the reason, when you are contacted by police asking questions, you need the immediate help of an Arvada, Wheat Ridge or Lakewood criminal defense lawyer who has been there many times before.

Internet Luring of a Child Definition in Douglas County, Colorado | C.R.S. 18-3-306

The definition of Internet Luring of a Child in Douglas County is pretty broad. Here are the elements:

1. An electronic communication with a child who is four or more years younger than themselves (by text, email, phone, Instagram, Facebook, etc.);

2. In the communication, the actor describes explicit sexual conduct;

3. An invitation of some type to the child to meet, for any purpose (it does not need to be sexual).

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Can I be Arrested for Internet Luring of a Child in Arapahoe County, Coloado?

Yes, you can be arrested for Internet Luring of a Child in Arapahoe County based on the word of a child. It is important that you never discuss sexuality with a child who is not your own. Popular opinion in our “me too” crazed country is that a child would not normally lie about sexual advances by a nonparent or step-parent.

Police Sting and Entrapment for Internet Luring in Adams County Courts

Did you know that police stings for Internet Luring are common in Adams County courts? Many police departments apply for and receive federal grants to entice men and women into speaking sexually with kids. They must show arrest statistics, so they employ entrapment techniques to get continued funding. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake for these police agencies and officers and under pressure to make arrests. To entrap you, they will enter adult chat rooms and pretend to be a child under fifteen, hungry for sex.

Innocent people are victims of entrapment and get charged with felony Internet Luring in Colorado courts. Never speak with police who pretend to be your friend. Instead, exercise your right to remain silent, and call our defense lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together we can protect your future.