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Differences of Impersonating a Peace Officer and Criminal Impersonation

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Impersonating a Peace Officer Compared to Criminal Impersonation in Arapahoe County

The two Colorado impersonation crimes which sound the same are Impersonating a Peace Officer and Criminal Impersonation. In Arapahoe County, Colorado, they mean very different things, yet are subject to similar penalties and sentences. Both are a class 6 felony. Let’s learn more about them.

Definition of Impersonating a Peace Officer or Police Officer, in Jefferson County, Colorado: C.R.S. 18-8-112

Colorado’s definition of Impersonating a Peace Officer is: “if he or she falsely pretends to be a peace officer and performs an act in that pretended capacity.” So, you can pretend to be a Peace Officer, or Police Officer in Jefferson County, but you can’t do anything which a real Peace Officer would do in Arvada, Colorado, while pretending.

Definition of Criminal Impersonation in Douglas County and Denver, Colorado, C.R.S. 18-5-113

Douglas County Criminal Impersonation definition is:

“A person commits Criminal Impersonation in Denver and Douglas County if he or she knowingly assumes a false or fictitious identity or legal capacity, and in such identity or capacity he or she:

A) Marries, becomes bail or surety for a party,

B) Confesses a judgment,

C) Subscribes, verifies, publishes, acknowledges, or proves a written instrument which may be recorded,

D) Performs an act which might get another in trouble civilly or criminally,

E) Performs an act with intent to unlawfully gain a benefit, or to harm or defraud another.”

Examples of Criminal Impersonation include signing another person’s name to a traffic ticket, forging a Will or property deed, signing another person’s name on a check or credit card application. There are instances where we can legally sign the name of someone else, IF we have their permission – such as when using their credit card. Colorado Criminal Impersonation Law.

Differences Between Criminal Impersonation and Impersonating a Peace Officer in Adams County

The basic difference between these two class 6 felony crimes in Adams County  involves who you are pretending to be: 1) A police officer (called a Peace officer for some crazy reason) or, 2) someone else, other than your true identity. Also, know that judges sentence more harshly if you are pretending to be a police officer, with the intent to commit another, separate crime, like sexual assault or robbery.

Be careful when signing someone else’s name or pretending to be someone else. You could land yourself in jail for the night, and then in prison for up to 18 months. If contacted by police, don’t give a statement, but instead call our Criminal Impersonation lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.